lampawadjMore, superior, greater (in degree, number, height, weight, size, etc.).Lampaw in daya niya dayn kātu'niyu katān.His riches are greater than all of ours.vag mang-, -um-; ran -an.Usu. with naka-.To outdo (someone), surpass, excel, exceed or be superior (in something, as degree, quality, value); be excessive.Nakalampaw in taud nila.They are suprerior in number.Nakalampaw in taas.Superior in height.Nakalampaw in bu'gat.Superior in weight.Lumampaw siya dayn ha katān ha susūngun.He is going to surpass everyone in the future.Lampawan niya in kusug ku.He is trying to outdo my strength.ptlandu' over-synlabi karuk labbaw

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