babaw1nThe upper surface (as of a table, shelves, body of water, heap of papers, or clothes).Butangan in saruk ha babaw lamisahan.Place the hat on the upper surface (i.e., top) of the table.OV SYN.taas 1puntukvAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To place (something) on top (of something else).Babawan ta sin kātas in tamungun bat diꞌ kalummian.Let’s cover the clothes with paper so they won’t get dirty.2.1nShallowness (of water).Biyaꞌ diin in babaw sin tubig?How shallow is the water?adj(Of water) shallow, not deep.2.2nSuperficiality (of knowledge, one’s mind).adjmababaw(Of knowledge) superficial, shallow.Bang in maghutbaꞌ ha langgal mababaw da in ingat niya pasal sin Kuraan kulang da in tau makahati.If the knowledge of the preacher in the mosque about the Koran is shallow, only a few people will understand.OV SYN.malawmlawm 1.2

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