dapit1adv(Pertaining to direction) at the side of.In jaga sin prisidinti subay dapit pa tuu niya iban dapit pa lawa.The guards of the president should be at his right side and at his left side.Cf.harap 1tudju 12vag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To side with or favor (someone).Mangiꞌ ha maas in magdapit ha anak bang awn kasāan.It is not good for parents to side with their children when they commit a mistake.Diyarapitan niya sadja in anak niya.She always sides with her son.Dapit niya dayn ha sugarul.His side was with the thief (i.e., he favored the thief).OV SYN.*dinuhukuman dapitcomp.vOne-sided judgment.

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