sigayvag mag-, -um-; pat -un. [short for pasigayun].To move a little, move aside, push one’s way through a crowd.Sumigay aku pa unahan mu tiyuꞌ-tiyuꞌ.I’ll move to your front a little.Sigay ba kaw matun masigpit tuud yan.Will you move a little there, its very crowded.Sigay kaw dayn hayan wayruun da lamud mu.You move away from there, anyway you have no business there.Sigay naa kaw aku isab in sumubli.Move a little, I have to take over also.Piyasigay sin pulis in manga tau ha giꞌtung dān.The police drove away the people who were in the middle of the road.OV SYN.sibugīg

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