bukaꞌ11viST pat -um-.To crack open, split open of itself (as fruit, ground, cement).Mukaꞌ in lupaꞌ dī bang panuga.The ground here cracks open during the summer.Cf.lutang1 1vtCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un.To split (something) open (esp. fish in order to dry it), show one’s cards (in gambling).Bukaun ku na in istaꞌ.I’ll split open and dry the fish.biyukaꞌderv.nDried fish (prepared by splitting the fish open before drying).2vag -um-, mag-.To break a fast (esp. the fast during Ramadan), eat the sunset meal (during Ramadan).Mukaꞌ aku lisag unum.I’ll break my fast at six.adjNot fasting.Bukaꞌ aku.I’m not fasting.npagbubukaꞌThe evening meal (during the month of Ramadan).

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