gastuTag.nExpense, financial cost, expenditure.Pila in gastu sin pagtiyaun?How much expense did you incur for the wedding?vag mag-; pat -un, hi-; goal/ben -an.To spend (money), provide financial support (for someone).Aku in naggastu kanila ha saꞌbu way usaha nila.I supported them when they were jobless.Pila in kiyagastu mu naghinang bāy?How much did you spend in building the house?Gastuhun ku in sīn ini kaymu.I’ll spend this money for you.Gastuhan ta kaw bang kaw magꞌiskul.I will support you financially when you go to school.adjmagastuRequiring or involving much money, expensive.Magastu in magꞌiskul ha Manilaꞌ.It’s expensive to study in Manila.Cf.balanjaꞌnapaka

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