*dāꞌdāꞌvact mang-; ran kapang-…-an.To have one’s feelings hurt, be offended.Ayaw kaw mangdāꞌdāꞌ. Diꞌ ku hikarihil in piyangayuꞌ mu.Don’t be offended. I can’t give what you’ve asked from me.Nangdāꞌdāꞌ aku sin walaꞌ mu aku piyaingat sin pagtiyaun mu.I was really hurt, for you didn’t inform me of your wedding.Unu in kiyapangdāꞌ-dāan mu kākuꞌ?What is the reason you’re offended at me?OV SYN.*ambuldaꞌ

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