addatvar.ādatnCharacter, custom, behavior; practice, manner; courtesy.Established norm of conduct, habitual or customary way of doing things.Pindaha in addat mu.Change your character (for the better).Asal amuna in addat sin Tausug mamunuꞌ bang masipug.It is the natural behavior of Tausugs to kill when/if they’re put to shame.Makasipug in addat sin tau yan.That man’s behavior is despicable.Subay agarun in addat sin pagpangasawa.We should follow the customary way of asking someone’s hand in marriage.vag mag-, -um-; goal pag-…-an.To respect (something), act (in a particular manner).Subay tuud magꞌaddat ha manga tau maas.We must respect the old folks.Ayaw kaw magꞌaddat bihān bat kaw diꞌ udjuun sin tau.Don’t act that way so people won’t ridicule you.Pagꞌaddatan ta in saraꞌ.We respect the law.adjmaaddatCourteous, respectful.Maaddat tuud in Milikan yaun. Nakalabay ha raig namuꞌ, namaid pa.That American is very respectful. When he passed by us, he asked permission.OV SYN.tabiatpiilpalangaylaku

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