sūbnA strong liking or fondness (for something, esp. a certain kind of food).Sibuꞌ da in sūb namuꞌ magkilaw mampallam.We both have the same strong liking for eating green mangoes.vST pat -um-.To develop a strong desire or liking (for something, esp. a certain kind of food).Lumugay sumūb da kaw kumaun dūyan.Eventually you will like to eat durian.vran -an.To like (to eat or do something), be very fond (of eating or doing something).Bang kaw makakinam sin siyanglag, sūban kaw.If you taste roasted grated cassava you’ll like it.Kasūban sin sanam in sukal.Ants are very fond of sugar.adjmasūbVery fond (of eating or doing something).Masūb siya magbassa sin būk biyaꞌ ha yan.She is very fond of reading that kind of book.Masūb aku magkaun timun.I am very fond of eating watermelon (i.e., I like it very much).Cf.tagisuwak

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