kumbatul1nA tumor (any swelling and hardened mass of tissue in any part of the body).vact/pat mag-, -um-; pat -un.To swell and harden like a tumor.Awn magkumbatul unud ha abaga niya.There’s a mass on his shoulder that has swollen and hardened.Cf.butikul 1.1adjkumbatulanHaving many hardened places (as of fruit, esp. ripe bananas).Kumbatulan in sayng binī ku.The bananas I bought have hard places in them.2vag mag-.To keep one’s feeling or sentiment to oneself.Lindu kan Mussaꞌ taktak, nagkumbatul waꞌ mustak.He silently kept his love for Mussaꞌ (lit. Romantic love for Mussaꞌ was like a tumor not breaking).

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