lanjalvag -um-, mag-; goal -un; pat hi-.To proceed, advance, go on, go further, continue, go ahead.Lanjal na kamu pa lamisahan,’ laung niya ha manga luruk.Go right on up to the table,’ he said to the guests.Lumanjal pa aku pa tabuꞌ pagꞌuwiꞌ ku dayn ha upis.I’ll proceed to the market when I come home from the office.Diꞌ makalanjal in tulak namuꞌ pa Sambuwangan.We can’t go ahead with our trip to Zamboanga.Minsan sila diꞌ mabayaꞌ, hilanjal ku ra in maksud ku magsundalu.Even if they don’t like it I’m continuing my plans to be a soldier.Pagꞌabut ta pa Sambuwangan, lanjalun ta pa Basilan lawagun hi Rahima.When we get to Zamboanga, we’ll proceed to Basilan to look for Rahima.nlanjalanFurthering, continuation.Diꞌ aku makaagad kaymu sabab awn pa lanjalan sin panaw ku.I can’t go with you because I still have a continuation of my journey.SYN.laushapit1

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