abat1nA mild illness caused by evil spirits or dead people.Usu. a headache with fever. Cured simply by uttering some magic verses to drive away the evil spirit.In abat bang makalandu' makamatay da isab.If the sickness caused by spirits is too great, death can result.over-synlabha' vag mang-; ran ka--an.Does not occur with pa2 except when reduplicated.To be afflicted with such an illness.Mangabat in patay bang lummian in kubul nila.The dead will cause illness if you make their graves dirty.vrdp. ran -an.To remove such illness through divination of the curse.Accomplished by pulling strands of long hair and by uttering silently some magic verse.Abat-abati in bata' maray' kiyaabatan sin saytan.Remove the child's illness by divination, maybe it has been afflicted with an illness caused by demons.over-synsagda1 saway1 labha' hantu 2vmakaabatTo cause (someone) disgust or annoyance, be disgusting.Makaabat na in pagbutang mu atal yan.The way you put lipstick on is disgusting.

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