daub-dayaꞌ1nA small hotcake-like confection (with grated coconut and sugar mixture inside).Masarap in luun sin daub-dayaꞌ.The filling of the small hotcake-like confection is delicious.7: Kinds of Confections Served at Special Occasions2.1vtpat -un.To turn (something) upside down.Daub-dayaun namuꞌ in jip mu yan.We’ll turn that jeep of yours upside down.vipat ma-.To turn turtle, turn upside down.Naraub-dayaꞌ in tarak.The truck turned turtle.Naraub-dayaꞌ in altaꞌ niya.His wealth was turned upside down (i.e., was lost).2.2vaux ma-.(To punish someone) severely.Naraub-dayaꞌ in bataꞌ bīnsanaꞌ sin amaꞌ niya.The child was severely punished by his father.

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