kampungnKindred, relatives (not including parents, children, or siblings).Mataud kampung ku ha Manila.I have lots of relatives in Manila.vact/pat mag-.To be related, be relatives.Magkampung kami kay Hamid.Hamid and I are relatives.vag mang-.To determine the kinship relationship between individuals; claim or assert a kin relationship (with someone).Nangampung siya kākuꞌ pagꞌingat niya magpangtungud in apuꞌ namuꞌ.When he found out that our grandparents were cousins then he tried to discover what his relationship was to me.Nangangampung siya kāmuꞌ.He is asserting that he is our kin.OV SYN.lahasiyaꞌ1 1

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