tapis1nA (medium-sized) blanket or dress tied around the waist reaching the ankles, sarong.In tapis niya tadjung.What she has tied around her waist is a sarong.In tapis niya kakanaꞌ biyungahan.Her dress tied around the waist is in design cloth.In walnaꞌ sin tapis niya landuꞌ matūp kaniya.The color of the blanket she has tied around her waist really suits her.vag mag-, mang-, -um-.To wear such a garment, fold (a sarong) around the waist.Diꞌ maingat manapis in babai ini.This girl doesn’t know how to fold (a sarong) around her waist.Cf.ampiꞌhabultadjungvpat -un.To use (something) as such a garment.2adjReady in every respect, prepared, equipped.Bang kaw manaw pa pagbunuan subay tapis in baran mu.When you go to war you must be ready in every respect.OV SYN.tagamasakap

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