buggat2bu'gat21.1nWeight, heaviness.Subay timbangun bat kaingatan in buggat sin luluwanan.We should weigh the cargo so we will know its weight.antgaan vtpat -un.To weigh (something), feel the weight (of something by holding it in the hand).Buggata kunu' in dublun ini.Feel the weight of this gold piece.viST pat -um-.To become weighty, heavy.adjmabuggatHeavy, burdensome.Mabuggat in baul ini.This chest is heavy.pttimbang 1.2vran ka--an.To be laden, loaded, heavily burdened (as with care and trouble).Kabuggatan sa kaw yan magbayad sin utang mu.You will be heavily burdened paying your debts.adjmabuggat(Of problems, sorrow, or sins) weighty, heavy.Mabuggat in kasusahan niya.He has a heavy problem.2adjmabuggat(With simud) reluctant (to say something).Mabuggat in simud niya magdihil sin halga'.He is reluctant to name a price.viexp -an.To feel ill at ease and hesitant (to do something).Biyuggatan aku tumulak adlaw yan.I feel ill at ease and hesitant to leave today.

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