duwa1adjTwo.Duwa tahun in lugay nila dī.They have been here two years.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To ride on the same conveyance with (another person), (for one person) to take another on (with him on his conveyance).Dumuwa aku kaymu madtu pa tabuꞌ.I’ll ride on with you to the market.OV SYN.angkas1 vpat -un.To be in twos, (do something) in twos, use two (of something).Duwahun ta in pagbutangan sin manga sumping.We’ll use two containers to put the flowers in.advmagduwaIn two, into two (parts).Bahagiun ta magduwa in kakaun ini.We’ll divide this food into two parts.2advduwa-ruwaUndecided, vacillating.Biyaꞌ duwa-ruwa aku magad kaniya iban diꞌ.I’m undecided whether to go with him or not.OV SYN.hawal-hawalalang

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