pītnAdhesiveness; stickiness (of dough, candy); concentration (of a solid suspended in a liquid, e.g., of milk powder in water, of coffee, syrup, coconut milk, or porridge); a sticky feeling caused by a hot and humid climate.Sibuꞌ da in pīt sin ubat yan iban ini.The concentration (i.e., potency) of that drug is the same as this one.adjmapītSticky, concentrated, having a sticky feeling.Mapīt in baran mu bang kaw hiyuhulasan.Your body feels sticky when you’re perspiring.vact/pat mag-, -um.To become thick, strong or concentrated.Magpīt in sabaw manuk bang lamuran gandum.Chicken soup will become thick if corn is mixed with (the water).Ayaw papīta in paghinang mu sin kahawa.Don’t make the coffee strong.Cf.kusug 1pitak

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