alangadjAlways rdp.Reluctant, hesitant, undecided.Alang-alang siya sumuuk kaymu.He is reluctant to approach you.Alang-alang aku magad kanila.I’m hesitant to go with them.vag mag-, -um-; ran -an.Does not occur with pa₂. Often rdp.To hesitate, be reluctant or undecided; bluff (an action at someone).Ayaw kaw magꞌalang-alang mangayuꞌ tabang kākuꞌ.Don’t hesitate to ask help from me.Diꞌ sa kaw yan alang-alangan niya, tabangun sa kaw yan magtuy.He won’t hesitate (to help) you, he’ll help you right away.Alangan mu sadja siya sampakun, hangkan sa yan diꞌ mabugaꞌ kaymu.You’re always bluffing slapping him, that’s why he’s not afraid of you.SYN.āng-ānghawal-hawalduwa-ruwaduwa 2OV SYN.utung-bisud

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