laginNeed, usefulness, worth, value, utility, service.Unu in lagi sin sīn bang way da kasannyangan mu?What is the use of money if you don’t have peace of mind?Way lagi sin tau lisuan.A lazy person is of no service (to anyone).vag mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran ka-…-an.To need (something), use (something).Hisiyu in maglagi sin manga labban ini?Who’ll use these boxes?Minsan daan na in pantalun ini, lagihun ku na.Even though these pants are old, I’ll use them.Diꞌ ku kalagihan in tabang mu.I don’t need your help.Bang awn kalagihan mu kari sadja kaw kākuꞌ.If you need anything just come to me.OV SYN.usalCf.gunakalagihanderv.nWhat is needed, usefulness, value.vTo need (something).

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