duwaa aruwanA ritual commemorating dead relatives (esp. upon having bad dreams about them); prayer for curative purposes at ceremonial gatherings.It is believed by some that dead ancestors cause sickness because they have been forgotten by the living. The duwaa aruwa assures the dead that they are forever in the considerations of the living.Subay na hīnang in duwaa aruwa ampa himundung in panagainup niya.It was only after the ritual commemorating the dead relative was done that her nightmares stopped.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To perform such a ritual.Magduwaa kita aruwa pa manga miyatay sabab mangiꞌ in tagainup ku kabii.Let’s perform the ritual for the dead. I had a bad dream last night.Cf.duwaa salamattawbat

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