*dapat1vtCH 1 ag -um-; pat -un.To blame (someone) for not fulfilling (his) words or promise, consider (someone) at fault.Dapatun ta kaw bang kaw diꞌ mari kunsūm.I’ll consider you at fault if you don’t come tomorrow.viST exp ka-…-an.To be liable for blame, be found at fault for failure to fulfill (one’s words or promise).Diꞌ aku mabayaꞌ karapatan sin janjiꞌ ku kaymu.I don’t want to be found at fault for failure to fulfill my promise to you.2vact mag-; inst pag-…-an.(For love or friendship) to be or become ruined.Nagdapat na in pagbagay nila sabab kiyustaw niya in sīn sin bagay hiya.Their friendship was ruined because he embezzled the money of his friend.3vpat ma-.(With negative diꞌ) not capable of being endured or agreed to (because disagreeable or unsuitable).Diꞌ marapat in abbu sin tau ini!The boastfulness of this fellow is not endurable!

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