sarakkanAn alms gift.Money or something in kind given to a widow or orphan [esp. upon having a bad dream, upon success in business or other venture], to a practitioner after curing a patient, or to a Muslim priest after performing a prayer ceremony.Dihili sarakka in manga pakil pagꞌubus nila magduwaa.Give the priests an alms gift when they finish the prayer ceremony.vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To give money (to someone for such reasons).Sarakkahan ku in manga ilu ini bang aku magdagang sin lahing ku.I’ll give an alms gift to these orphans if I can sell my copra.Subay kaw magsarakka bang awn tagainup mu mangiꞌ.You should give alms gifts if you have a bad dream.Cf.jakatpitlaꞌ

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