guwaꞌ1nThe outside (of a house, room, etc.).Ha guwaꞌ sila nagpanayam būla.They played with the ball outside.ANT.lawm 1.1vTR ag mag-, -um-; goal -un.To exit, come out, appear.Guwaꞌ kaw dayn ha bilik.Come out from the room.Kuꞌnu gumuwaꞌ in Sulu Studies II?When will the Sulu Studies II come out?Guwaun ku in manga bisita.I will go out to the visitors (i.e., to greet them or usher them into the house).vCV 1 pat hi-, -un.To let (something) out.Subay ta higuwaꞌ in sakit atay ta.We have to let out our hard feelings.ANT.sūd1 1.1npagguwaꞌThe coming out (of something).Jagahi in pagguwaꞌ sin manga tau dayn ha bāy yaun.Watch for the coming out of the people from that building.nguwaanAn exit.Dapit pakain in guwaan sin sīni?Which way does the movie exit face?2nResult, outcome, the way something turns out (also guwaan).Unu da in guwaꞌ sin pagmiting niyu?What was the outcome of your meeting?Mahumu mangiꞌ in guwaan sin anak piyararakag.Usually a spoiled brat has a bad outcome (i.e., turns out bad).

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