datung1vTV ag -um-, mag-.To arrive.Lisag pila sila dimatung?What time did they arrive?vran -an.To be a recipient, be attacked or beset (by something, as a disease, fear, laziness).Diyatungan siya lidjikiꞌ dayn ha Tuhan.He received blessings from God.Bang kaw datungan hapus napas, inuma in ubat ini.If you’re attacked by asthma, take this medicine.Pangarap kaw pa Tuhan bang kaw datungan bugaꞌ.Pray to God if you’re beset by fears.OV SYN.abut 3ndatunganA place where someone stays upon arrival (as a house, hotel, or apartment).Kansiyu bāy in datungan mu ha Manilaꞌ?Whose house will you stay in when you arrive in Manila?2vag -um-; pat hi-.To appeal (a court case).Diyatung niya in parkalaꞌ pa saraꞌ dakulaꞌ.He appealed the case to the higher court.ndatunganA person or body to which a case is brought or referred.Sultan in datungan sin katān parkalaꞌ.The Sultan is the one to whom all cases are brought.

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