dayaꞌvag mag-, um-; pat hi-, -un.To lie on the back, put (something) facing upward.Dayaꞌ kaw ha kulangan.Lie on your back on the bed.Nagdarayaꞌ na in bataꞌ-bataꞌ.The child is lying on his back.Subay mu hirayaꞌ in baldi pa sugahan.You should place the pail facing upward under the heat of the sun.nTails (in flipping a coin).Unu in kaymu, daub, dayaꞌ?Which is yours, heads or tails?ANT.daubdaub-dayaꞌcomp.nA small hot-cake-like confection.vTo turn (something) or be turned upside down.

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