*bugit1vCV 1 ag mag-; pat hi-.To throw away, abandon, discard (something).Bugitan in sugal bang diꞌ na manjari hipagpanayam.Discard the card that you can’t play.Pakain mu hibugit in manga lummiꞌ yan?Where are you going to throw that dirt away?Hain mu tungud biyugit in bataꞌ?Where did you abandon the child?OV SYN.laruk*tiluꞌ 12vRC ag mag-; pat hi-.For people to divorce (one another), (for a husband) to divorce (his wife).Magbugit na kita bang kita diꞌ da magsulut.Let’s divorce if we can’t get along together.Unu in piyamugitan niya kaymu?What made him divorce you?OV SYN.pagtallak*tallak

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