luddanggimb.luꞌdang1vact/pat mag-, -um-; pat hi-.To sink, submerge, go to the bottom (as in water).Diꞌ hiluddang in kahuy ha tubig.Wood doesn’t sink in water.Cf.*lunud*limun 12vran ka-…-an.To bear or suffer the (bad) consequences or the blame.Siya in kiyaluddangan sin ngiꞌ ubus niya nagpasulut ha nagkālu.She bears the brunt of the blame after trying to make peace between the quarreling parties.Diꞌ na aku lumamud bang aku in kaluddangan sin ngiꞌ.I don’t want to get involved if I suffer the bad consequences.Cf.tūng 2

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