subu21.1vag mag-, -um-.To boil over, (for a fire) to flare up.Pagꞌasag sin lana, simubu in kāyu. Apit masunug in bāy.When the oil spilled, the fire flared up. The house almost burned.Nagsubu na in tiyugnaꞌ.The cooked food is boiling over.Cf.bukalvAR ag mag-; ran -an.To put (a blade) into fire (to reshape it), fire (something in a forge).Subay subuhan in utak diꞌ mūk pa mananasal basiꞌ.The blunt bolo should be fired at the blacksmith.1.2nFlaring anger.In subu sin atay niya marayꞌ nakalanduꞌ na.The flaring anger of his heart is almost overwhelming now.vact mag-, -um-.(With atay or duguꞌ) to become very angry, have one’s anger flare up.Simubu in atay ku sin ngiꞌ sin bissara niya.I became very angry over the obnoxious words he said.Magsubu in duguꞌ ku bang ta kaw kakitaan.I get very angry when I see you.2vact mag-, -um-;(For something) to rise or float.vpat hi-.(For water) to float (something).Hisubu in binglud sin tubig pa taas.The water will float the bits of rice to the top (i.e., the rice will float on the water).

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