Tausug - English


ūy11intj(A courteous answer to someone's call) yes?Nagtawag in ina' hi Abdul kaniya, in sambung hi Abdul ‘Ūy.’The mother of Abdul calls for him, Abdul answers ‘Yes?’2intj(A response indicating that the speaker is pleased or appreciates something) oh!, well!, ah!Ikaw in napī' magad pa Manila' humadil sin pagmiting. Ūy, marayaw sa yan, makakita' na aku Manila'.You were chosen to go to Manila to attend the meeting. Oh, that's good, I'll be able to see Manila.3intj(Spoken in order to embarrass or anger someone) aha!, ah!Unmarried people of the opposite sex do not eat together.Ūy, nagsāw kunu' sila nagkaun.Aha, they (boy and girl) are eating together.
ūy2adjmaūy(Of a person) in serious condition.Sabab sin sakit niya maūy na hi ama'.Because of his sickness father is now in serious condition.over-syngarabi2
*uyugvipat ma-, magka-.(For something) to rock or shake (as if about to fall), be unsteady, totter.Nauyug in sanga sin mampallam.The twig of the mango tree shook.Nauuyug in panaw sin tau hilu.The walk of an intoxicated man is tottering.Magkauyug in hāg sin taytayan yan.The post of that footridge is unsteady.vtag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To rock or shake (something).Ayaw na mayan kamu mag'uyug sin kahuy yan tumaka mabali' na sayan.Don't shake the stem of the tree any more, it might break.Di' mahublut in hāg bang di' uyugun muna.The post can't be pulled out if we don't rock it first.pt*jugjug
uyumnA smile.Malingkat in uyum mu ha patta' ini.Your smile is pretty in this picture.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To smile.Di' aku umuyum ha tau di' ku kakilahan.I don't smile at people I don't recognize.Maray' uyumun in ama' mu bang kaw kakitaan niya nagpapantalun gisi' in buli'.Your father will probably smile when he sees you wearing pants with the seat torn.ptkatawa hikhik hakhak
*uyun1vact mag-.(For horizontal people or objects to be arranged) straight or in line.Matanam aku magkulang nag'uuyun.I like to lie down straight.Subay nag'uuyun in pagluun mu sin manga būk yan supaya tumuput ha labban.Your placing of these books should be in line so that they'll fit in the box.2vag mag-, -um-.To agree with (another's) opinion, (for two or more opinions) to agree.Nag'uuyun in pikilan namu' pasal sin pagparayaw sin kawman.Our opinions about improving the community agree.