Tausug - English


*usungvCV 3 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To carry (someone) in a litter or by interlacing the hands to form a seat.Usungun natu' in dimaug nagpasu.Let's carry on our hands the one who won the race.nusunganA litter.Iyuusung in Sultan ha usungan.The Sultan is being carried on a litter.pt
ūt1nThe place between, gap, space.Naglilingkud siya ha ūt ku iban hi Wilma.She was seated between Wilma and me.Ha ūt na siya sin kamatay iban kabuhi'.He is between life and death.vCH 1 pat -un; ran -an.-un and -an are usu. interchangeable.To come between, put (something) between (things or people), divide or separate (things or people).Iyūtan sin manga sundalu in kālu nila hangkan wala' limaggu' in bunu'.The soldiers came between the quarreling (groups), that's why the fighting didn't become serious.Ūtun ta in kulangan nila sin ūan.We will put pillows between their sleeping places.vag magpa-, magpati-.To intervene or come between (to settle a quarrel).Magpatiūt na kaw bat sila di' maglingug.Do intervene so they won't get into trouble.ptgi'tung2utlang bahagi' 2nA person or animal born between two offspring.
utaknA (working) bolo.Dā kaw utak bang kaw pa uma.Take a bolo if you are going to the field.ptjanaplahut
utak-utaknFish balls made of stripped leftover fish mixed with some spices and grated coconut meat.
utannTaro (hupi') when the leaves are not yet open (eaten as a vegetable).
utangnA debt.Bayari na in utang mu kāku'.Pay your debt to me.vag mang-, mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran -an.To borrow (something [esp. money] from someone), get an advance (on wages).Nangutang siya kāku' hanggatus pilak.He borrowed 100 pesos from me.Subay utangun ku in gadji ku hangka-bulan, hipamī pantalun.I must get an advance of one month's wages to buy pants.Iyutangan nila na isab in tinda ha alupan sin sini.They borrowed again from the store in front of the theatre.vran -an.To buy (something) on credit.Iyutangan ku sa in lilus ini ha tinda sin Lannang.I bought this watch on credit at the store of a Chinese.vag magpa-; pat hipa-; ran pa--an.To give a loan (usu. of money to someone), sell (something to someone) on credit.Ayaw kaw magpautang ha tau putingan.Don't give a loan to a liar.nmangungutangA borrower of money, debtor.Bukun jukup in bayad sin manga mangungutang.Those who borrowed haven't completely paid their debt.adjpangutangProne to be in debt.Ayaw kaw mangandul ha tau pangutang.Don't trust a man who is prone to be in debt.ptbūs1
*utas1vCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To cut (something) apart, sever (something).Utasa kunu' in patung yaun kāku'.Will you sever that bamboo stem for me?pt*utud 2vipat -ma-; exp ka--an, -an.(To do something) strenously, painstakingly, laboriously.Kiyautasan na aku ha paglawagan kaymu.I searched strenously for you everywhere.vtpat -un.To make (someone) work strenously, tire (someone) out.Utasun mu tuud aku ha paglanuan sin lantay, lummian mu sadja.You're really tiring me out cleaning the floor, you keep dirtying it.3vpat ma-.To lose all one's money.Mautas kaw bang kaw di' mīg dayn ha pagpanayaman.You'll lose all your money if you don't get out of the gambling den.Mautas kita ha pagpaiskulan bang kaw di' makapas tahun-tahun.We'll lose all our money if you fail in school every year.
utinnPenis.Pantaluni in bata'-bata' bat di' kakitaan in utin niya.Put pants on the child so his penis can't be seen.ptbutu'buyung
utlang1vpat ma-.(For people or places) to be far from each other.Nautlang sila hulaan iban sin manga taymanghud niya.The places of residence of the siblings are far from each other.2vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To separate (people, things or places) with a partition.Marayaw bang utlangun in usug iban babai, supaya di' maglamugay.It's good if the men and the women are separated by a partition so that they don't mix.
uttara'1nNorth (the direction).In hangin bihaun dayn ha uttara'.The wind now is from the north.ptsātan taksina'maksina'subangan magrib synmasrik2.1nA strong north wind.pthangin 2.2nThe season when there are strong winds from the north.
Utu'1nAn affectionate term of address for a boy in one's family or any small boy, Sonny.Pakauna na hi Utu'.Feed Sonny.ptiting12nA masculine name.
*utudnA cut or slice (of something).Dihili aku hangka-utud salikaya'.Give me a slice of egg pie.vCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To cut (something) in two (widthwise or crosswise).Utura kunu' in patung ini.Will you cut this bamboo in two (for me)?vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To cut off a part (of something widthwise or crosswise).Iyuturan nila in duhul sin buhuk ku.They cut off a little from the ends of my hair.pt*sipak over-synhuya'dīp
utuk1nBrain.Nabagbag in utuk sin tau nahulug dayn ha bāy mataas.The man's brains smashed when he fell from a tall building.
utuk2nA sickness (resulting from false swearing on the Koran, in which the stomach swells, the skin becomes yellow, and death eventually results), the curse (of which this illness is the evidence).In utuk sapa landu' mangi', sampay manga anak sin iyutukan kugdanan da isab.The curse resulting from (false) swearing is extremely serious, even the children of the one who is cursed get the disease.vag maka-; act mag-; ran -an.No difference in meaning between mag- and -an.(For God) to curse (someone who swears falsely on the Koran) by making (his) stomach swell and (his) skin turn yellow, and causing eventual death.The Koran is the mediator of the curse.Abila in tau sumapa sin kiyabubunnalan siya, na utukan na siya sin Tuhan.If a person swears (he has not done something) and then is found out, God will curse him by making his stomach swell and his skin turn yellow.Bang in magsapa biya' magkampung masuuk, na mag'utuk na yan karuwang-sipak.If the ones who swear (and one is lying) are close relatives, then both of them will be cursed by their stomach swelling and their skin turning yellow.Utukan pa aku, way aku nakakā' sin sīn mu.May God curse me if I took (lit. I didn't take) your money.vran -iy--an.(May God) curse (you)!, (God) damn (you).Iyutukan kaw! Bang man kaw mabugtang da.Damn you! May you drop dead.ptsapa
*utungvAQ ag/goal mag-, -um-; pat -un.To drag, pull (something).Utungun ku in lubid kaymu.I'll pull the rope for you.Mautung mu kāku' in baul yaun?Can you drag that chest for me?over-synhilla'
utung-bisudvact mag-.(For a person or one's emotion or mind) to vacillate, waver (usu. about a decision).Mag'utung-bisud in baya' niya kāku~.She vacillates in her affection for me.Papag'utung-bisurun ku in pikilan nila.I'll make their minds vacillate.
utusunspec. var.uttusnChicken pox.In utus makalamin.Chicken pox is catching.vST pat -un.To develop chicken pox.Pagpalanggit kaw bat kaw di' utusun.Get vaccinated so you won't catch chicken pox.Ayaw kaw magpahangin bang kaw iyuutus.Don't go out in the wind if you have chicken pox.ptpangkut sampal
ututvag mang-, mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran -an.To emit or pass gas (through the anus).Ayaw kaw mangutut bang awn tau.Don't pass gas if there are people.Biya' ututun in buli' ku yan.My rear end feels like I want to pass gas.Kiyaututan siya sin sapi' hangkan way limaggu'.A cow emitted gas on him, that is why he doesn't grow.
*ūūvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To pacify, appease, placate, comfort (someone).Ūūha in bata' bat di' na tumangis.Pacify the child so she'll stop crying.Di' mu siya maūū minsan unu in hinangun mu.You can't comfort her no matter what you do.Subay kaw maingat mag'ūū kaniya, bat kamu makapagdayaw.You should know how to placate her, so that the two of you can be reconciled to each other.ptsulut
uwa'nThe mature female milkfish (having hard scales).Mahunit saggawn in uwa' sabab makusug lumanguy pa malayu'.The mature female milkfish is hard to catch because it swims fast to far distance.2
uwak1nA crow, any large dark-colored bird resembling a crow.Mataud in uwak.say.1vThere are many people with the same name (lit. There are many crows).2To introduce oneself (to others).Subay sa aku ini mag'uwak supaya nila aku kakilahan.I should introduce myself so they will know who I am.
uwaynRattan.Marayaw hinangun bangku' in uway.Rattan is good for making chairs.Makamdus in manga sīya hīnang dayn ha uway.Chairs made from rattan are durable.
*uwayangunspec. var.wayang1vag mag-, -um-; ran (expresses reason) pag--an.To cry out loudly.Mayta' kaw nag'uwayang?Why did you cry out loudly?over-syn*ulaktulik gasud
uwi'1vTV ag mag-, -um-.To come or go home (to one's abode).Uwi' kaw masamut.Come home early.Di' pa siya makauwi'.He can't go home yet.Piyauwi' sin mastal in manga bata' iskul pasal sin pagbunu'.The teacher sent the school children home because of the fighting.nuwianThe place to which (one) returns, (one's) home.Harap pakain in uwian mu?Where are you returning to?2vran -an.To start living in (a new house).Iyuwian nila in bāy ba'gu kahapun.They started living in the new house yesterday.
uyintj(An expression of surprise) oh!.‘Way bahagi' mu sin pag'ista'‘ laung sin ama' ha anak. In sambung sin anak ‘Uy!’‘You have no share in the fishing,’ said the father to the son. The son said ‘Oh!’