Tausug - English


*upiksa'vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To attend to, look after (something) with great care and diligence; provide (someone's) needs.Upiksaa in nasasakit.Take great care of the sick.Upiksaa in pagkaun sin manga anak mu, ay mu sila pasāri.Attend to your children's food, don't neglect your children.adjmaupiksa'Attentive to, looking after (something) with great care and diligence.Maupiksa' siya sin hinang niya.She is attentive to her work (i.e., is diligent).ptparuli isbat*ayuput
upiraEnglishnA surgical operation.vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To perform surgery, operate.Kinsūm upirahan in bugun niya.Tomorrow her goiter will be operated on.Magpaupira in bagay ku sin hubag niya ha siku.My friend will have his swollen elbow operated on.
upisEnglishnAn office.Madtu kami pa upis sin piskal.We will go to the office of the public defender.vag mag-.To work in an office, go to work (in an office).Mag'upis aku minsan Ahad bang mataud hinang.I go to the office even on Sunday if there is plenty of work.vran -an.To use (a place) as an office.Pag'upisan ta in sawm bāy.Let's use the space below the house as an office.nmag'uupisOffice employees.Way hinang sin manga mag'uupis adlaw yan.Office employees are off today.
upisyalEnglishnAn officer, official.Subay in sundalu magsalura ha upisyal.A soldier must salute an officer.vag mag-; pat -un.To become an officer or official, appoint (someone) as an officer or official.Mabaya' tuud siya mag'upisyal ha kappal.He really wants to become an officer on a ship.
*uplutviact mag-, -um-; ran -an.(For the sun) to rise, (an object) to rise up; (for seeds) to sprout.Imuplut na in suga.The sun has risen.Wayruun hula' kiyakitaan ku luwal in būd Siasi biya' da laggu' bulan imuplut dayn ha higad dagat.I didn't see any land except Siasi mountain rising up from the ocean like the size of the moon.Subay hangka-pitu ampa umuplut in bigi tiyanum mu.It will take a week for the seed you've planted to sprout.ptumba2tubu' vtag mag-, -um-; pat hi-.To thrust (something) out.Ayaw mu uplutan in ū mu dayn ha tandawan.Don't thrust your head out of the window.
uralnCoarseness (of cloth).Ayaw kaw magbī bang bihaini in ural sin kakana'.Don't buy it if the cloth is this coarse.antnyuknyuk adjmaural(Of cloth, mats, or anything woven) coarse in texture, (of meat) not tender.Maural in unud sapi' ini.This beef is not tender.ptkasap antnyuknyuk
urulvTV ag mag-, -um-; goal -un.To come or go after someone, follow.Awn jip imuurul ha ulihan ta.There's a jeep following us.Urula sadja in dān simintu.Just follow the paved road.Iyurul namu' siya pa bāy niya.We followed him to his house.Nakaurul siya sin limpa' siki sin ama' niya.He followed the footsteps of his father. (May be also figurative).ptagad apas
urusnAn excretion from a millepede.
-ūsvsfxag, aux mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran -an.Often rdp.To hurry, hasten; be hasty (to do something).Imūs sila minīg dayn dī, supaya sila di' abutan sin banta nila.They left here in a hurry so that their enemies wouldn't meet them.Nag'ūsūs sila pa tabu'.They hurried in going to the market.Ūsun ku in hinang ini sabab kagunahan.I'll hurry this work because it's needed.Subay di' ūsan in tau bang naghihinang supaya di' masā'.A person should not be hurried when working so that he/she won't make a mistake.Piyaūs-ūs niya in bata' kimaun hangkan biyungkul.He ordered the child to hurry eating that is why he choked.nsfxp(iy)ag'ūsanOften rdp.adj, advsfxmaūsReason for hurrying.Unu in piyag'ūs-ūsan mu?What are you in a great hurry for?adj, advsfxQuick(ly), hurried(ly), in a hurry.Maūs in panaw namu' hangkan di' na kami sumakat pa taas bāy mu.We are in a hurry so we won't come into your house.over-synkasay samut sigla' biskay2
ūs-'ūsunspec. var.ūsvTo hurry, hasten; be hasty (to do something).
usahanWork, occupation, labor, vocation, business, means of livelihood.Mag'ista' in usaha niya.His occupation is fishing.vag mag-, -um-; pat usāhunTo earn (money), engage in business or occupation so as to make a living.Makausaha aku hangibu pilak hangka-pitu.I can earn one thousand pesos a week.Di' in tau mabuhi' bang di' mag'usaha sin kabuhianan.People won't survive if they don't earn a living.Pila sīn in nausaha mu adlaw yan?How much money did you earn today?Usāhun ku mān in singsing mu kiyaragang ku.I will earn (money equal to the value of) your ring which I sold.vpat magka-.To be earned from, used as livelihood.Awn waktu makausaha kita, awn isab waktu magkausaha kita.There are times we can make a living, there are other times we are made a living from (i.e., we lose money).adjmausahaCharacterized by earnings, able to earn.Mausaha in tau ini.This fellow able to earn.pthinang
usalEnglishvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To use (something).Mag'usal aku kantiyu bang matūg.I'll use loose-fitting pants when I go to bed.Bang mataud in lutuun subay usalun in dapulan gas.If there is a lot to cook we have to use the gas stove.Pag'usalun ku in sāmin ku bang magbassa.I am using my eye glasses for reading.over-syn*pakay lagi
usbanPaternal kinfolk (a kinship term referring to the male parent of ego and the consanguinal kin of the male parent).Usba in makapagbaya' ha manga anak mu.It is your husband and his family who have authority over your children.vag mag-, -um-; ran ka--an.(For paternal kinsfolk) to have or exercise rights (over the children).Maas sin usug in makapag'usba ha manga bata' ini.It's the elders of the male who have the right over these children.ptwarisusba-waris
usba-warisnOne's maternal and paternal kinfolk (see usba and waris).Subay tipunun in usba-waris bang awn magpangasawa kaniya.(Her) paternal and maternal kinfolk should be gathered together when someone asks for her hand in marriage.over-synlahasiya'1 kampung
*usbu1vpat -um-, mag-; ran ka--an.(For a liquid) to give off steam, (for a liquid, gas, heat, cold) to be forced out or up under pressure.Nag'usbu na in tubig piyasu' mu.The water you heated is giving off steam.Pausbuhun ku pa taas in asu dayn ha makina.I'll cause the smoke from the engine to be forced up (i.e., direct it up).2vact mag-, -um-.With sakit sin atay, dugal, pasu', etc.) to lose one's temper or poise, seethe with anger.Imusbu in sakit sin atay niya kahapun.He was seething with anger yesterday.Di' lumugay umusbu na in pasu' ku.I'm going to lose my temper in a minute.
*usiba'1vag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To spoil, ruin, waste (something, as food or money).Ayaw niyu usibai in pagkaun yan.Don't waste the food.ptluppas 2vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To rape (someone).Iyusibaan niya in daraakun nila.He raped their maid.pt*iyut*wati
usiba' saytannDemon wasting (a kind of sickness caused by evil spirits).Bang usiba' saytan in sakit niya di' kaulian sin duktur.If his sickness is demon wasting, a doctor cannot cure it.ptabat labha' hantu
*usigvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.(For dogs) to growl or snarl.Nag'usig in manga iru'.The dogs are growling.Bang in tau magkaun unud iru', usigun tuud siya sin kaibanan iru'.If a person eats dog meat, other dogs will growl at him.npag'usigThe growling or snarling of a dog.Nakabati' aku sin pag'usig sin manga iru'.The growling of the dogs woke me up.pt*tanghul
*usihatvAQ ag/goal mag-, -um-; goal -un.To ask or inquire (of someone) for further information or clarification.Usihata bang biya'diin in pagbūs sīn ha DBP.Inquire how to obtain loans from the DBP.adjmausihatInquisitive.Bang kaw mabaya' umingat subay kaw mausihat.You have to be inquisitive if you want to know a lot.over-synasubupariksa' sumariya
*usngawvact mag-, -um-; ran ka--an.(For a gas) to diffuse, spread, be emitted.Nag'usngaw in pasu' dayn ha makina.The heat from the machine is spreading.vran pa--an.To cook (something) by steam, steam (something).Bang magtugna' piyutu subay pausngawan sadja in panggi' līis.When cooking steamed cassava the grated cassava should just be steamed.over-syn*usbu
ustadjArabicnA teacher of Islam.Maingat maghindu' in manga ustadj yan.Those teachers of Islam are really good at teaching.vag mag-.To become a teacher of Islam.Siya in mag'ustadj ha manga tau dī.He'll become a teacher of Islam of the people here.
usugnMale, man.Subay usug in magbuhat sin baul.It should be a man who lifts the trunk.ptsubul antbabai nkausuganGroup of men or males, bridegroom's party.Nagtipun in kausugan.A group of men gathered together.Dimatung na in dayn ha kausugan.The bridegroom's party has arrived.npagkausugManhood, masculinity.Kawgun in pagkausug mu bang kaw di' mangatu ha sibu' mu.Your manhood is just wasted if you don't stand up to your equal.vrdp. ag mag-.To have an affair with a man (usu. of a married woman).Mayta' mag'usug-usug in asawa niya?Why is his wife having an affair with another man?npagkausuganAn invulnerable person.over-synbunut basa'kubulan
usuknA pole, post, stake (for marking a boundary, supporting a plant, etc.).Butangi usuk bat di' maligad in jambangan yan.Put a stake there so the plant won't fall over.vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To mark a location or boundary with a stake, support (something) with a stake, put up a post.Subay usukan bat kaingatan in daplinan sin lupa'.A post must be put up to indicate the boundary of the land.over-synhāg pangka'
usuk batunA kilometer.Kulang-labi kawhaan taglima usuk batu in kawman Parang pa Tiyanggi.The community of Parang is more or less twenty-five kilometers from Jolo Town.
*usulvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To relate (historical events of the past).Usulun ku kaniyu in pagkari sin Kastila' pa Lupa' Sūg.I'll relate to you the story of the coming of the Spaniards to Sulu.nusulanGenealogical history.Mabaya' siya umingat sin usulan sin manga karatuan.He would like to know the genealogical history of the various datus.ptsalsila3kissa