Tausug - English


unta'nCamel.In unta' pagpanguraan sin tau maghadji' pa Makka.The camel is what is ridden by the people who become hadjis at Mecca.vag mag-.To ride on a camel.Mag'unta' sadja in tau ha Misil bang umuntas dayn ha hula paslangan.The people of Egypt always ride on camels when crossing the desert.4
untasvag mag-, -um-; goal -un; ran -an.To cross (a road, street, sea, bridge, etc.).Untas kaw bang lumabay na in jīp yaun.Cross (the street) after that jeep passes.ptlabay
untayawvpat -um-.(For one's health or condition) to recover, regain its formal state, improve.Di na matantu bang makauntayaw pa siya dayn ha sakit niya.It's not certain whether she'll recover from her sickness.Pauntayawun ku siya marayaw dayn ha pagpaiskul kaniya.I will give him a better condition in life by sending him to school.over-syntangun
untuknA (heaped-up) excess (of commodities being measured, as rice, salt, etc.).Bihaini in untuk sin pagtupung niya sin bugas.The excess when he measured the rice was like this.adjmauntukFilled to excess, heaping.Malugi' kaw bang mauntuk in pagtupung mu sin asin.You will take a loss if you give heaping measures of salt.vpat -um-.To pile up in a heap (i.e, beyond the top of a container), heap up.Imuntuk na in basura, wala' na mayan kiyakawa'.The garbage has heaped up, it hasn't yet been collected.Subay mu di' pauntukun bang kaw magdihil kaniya kaunun.Don't heap up (the container) when you give him rice.ptlasay over-synbūd
untungnProfit, gain.Way untung sin pagbisnis.The business didn't yield a profit.vag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To make a profit or gain.Untungi in dagangan niya.Take the things which he sold to you and make a profit on them (by reselling).ptusaha vpat -un.To take (something) as profit.Ayaw mu na aku pabayara sin hambuuk badju' untungun ku na.Don't make me pay for one shirt, I'll take it as my profit.
unu1pronWhat?Unu in kabayaan mu?What is it that you want?/What do you want?vag mag-.The patient is contained in the stem.(For someone or an animal) to do what?Mag'unu kamu?What are you going to do?vCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un.To do what (to or with something)?Mag'unu sila kāku' bang aku magad?What will they do to me if I go along?Unuhun mu in bāy ini?What will you do with this house?Iyunu mu in bata' ini?What did you do to this child?Hipag'unu in tubig piyasu' ini?What is this hot water for?vST pat ma-.What will happen/happened? (with neg. di', for something not) to matter.Naunu kaw yan?What happened to you?Maunu kaw bang kaw minum sin ubat ini?What will happen to you if you take this medicine (i.e., nothing will happen).Di' da maunu bang kaw di' mabaya' magad kāku'.It doesn't matter if you don't want to go with me.2vpat mag-.What is the (kinship) relationship (between or among people)?Mag'unu kamu iban sin iban mu yan?What is your relationship to your companion?
unu-unu1pronWhatever.Unu-unu in kabayaan mu agad da kami.Whatever you want we will just do it.vST pat ma-.How is (something, condition, situation)?Maunu-unu kaw bihaun?How are you today?Maunu-unu bihaun ha Sūg?How are conditions in Jolo?2nProperty, possessions, belongings.Ayaw niyu tangkuga in manga unu-unu niya.Don't touch her belongings.
unud1nFlesh, meat, substance.In unud sin tau biya' da dagbus sin unud sapi'.The flesh of people looks like the flesh of beef.vST pat mag-, -um-.To develop flesh or substance.Bang mag'unud na in pānggi' subay na kaliun.When the cassava root develops substance it should be dug up.adjmaunudFleshy, having substance, fat.Maunud in manuk binī mu.You bought a fat chicken.pttambuk subuk 2nThe quality (of fabrics).Marayaw in unud sin kakana' ini.The quality of this cloth is good.3nA blood relative.Di' aku makatawakkal mamunu' sin unud ku.I don't dare to kill my blood relative.syndugu' 4n(With bissara) the suggested or implicit meaning of something said (that should not be plainly expressed due to courtesy, or decency).Awn unud sin bissara niya.There's an implicit meaning to what he said.
unumadjSix.Unum in anak niya.He has six children.ptumbul
unungnA companion (sharing the same circumstances).In unung niya miyatay, banta niya.His companion in death was his enemy.vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.(To die) with another, live or stay together with (someone, sharing the same fate or existence).Nag'unung sila miyatay.They died together.Unungi in anak ku ha Manila.Stay together with my daughter in Manila.
*unga'adjmaunga'Emotional.Maunga' tuud in babai ini.This lady is very emotional.
ungasadjBald above the forehead.In katauran sin sayantis, ungas.Most scientists are bald-headed.viST pat ma-.To become bald.Maungas kaw lumugay bang mataud pikilun mu.You will become bald eventually if you have many responsibilities.vtag mag-; pat -un.To make (oneself or someone) appear bald by shaving off (his) hair.Di' siya mabaya' mag'ungas.He doesn't want to shave off his hair so as to appear bald.synupaw
ungsitvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To ask (someone for something) to be repeated (as a word missed in dictation or conversation); remind (someone of something, as a promise).Ungsitun ta man in mastal sin kabtangan way ta nakā'.We will ask the teacher later to repeat the word we missed.Ungsita siya sin utang niya.Remind her of her debt.ptpariksa' over-synasubu*usihat
ungsud1nBride price, (usu. paid in rice, animals for feasting, and cash to the parents of the bride).Di' makaaku sin ungsud in usug.The boy cannot afford the bride price.vag mang-, mag-, -um-; ran -an.To give or pay a bride price.Ungsuri na in babai.Pay the girl's bride price.
ungsud2vCV 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat hi-.To give or hand over (something to someone).Hiungsud ta in pilak ini pa mayul.We will hand this money over to the mayor.over-syndihil duhal*tukbal
ungsud-ungsudnA drawer (to a desk, cabinet, etc), cabinet.Taw'an in sīn ha ungsud-ungsud.Keep the money in the drawer.
ungsuy2fr. var.hungsuy2nA tobacco pipe.
ungu'nA matching pants and shirt dark red (pula ulum) in color.Māhang na in magtamung sin pakayan ungu' bihaun.People seldom wear the dark red matching pants and shirt nowadays.specwalna'
upa'nThe refuse of betel nut after chewing, quid.Bugitan in upa' mama' ha palurahan yaun.Spit your quid of betel nut in the cuspidor there.ptmama' apug
upama1vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To talk about (something, often in a negative way).Bang pasal sin ngi' nila in upamahun mu gām na kaw himundung.If you're going to talk about their wrongdoing it's better if you stop.over-synlimut 2vag mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran (expresses reason) pag--an.To worry (about something).Bang kaw mag'upama sin kalugian mu nakauna kumangi' in pikilan mu.If you worry about your previous losses in business you will go crazy.over-synsusa
upamakunconjFor example, likened to (used in comparisons).Bang upamakun magbingit ikaw yan in umpan.If it's likened to fishing, you are the bait.ptsapantun
upāngnYaws.Nasakit siya upāng sin timpu Jipun.He used to be sick with yaws in Japanese times.vST pat -un.To develop or be afflicted with yaws.Iyuupāng in maas usug yaun.That old man is afflicted with yaws.ptsuplit
upatadjFour.Upat da sila in nakabīn ha bāy.There are four of them who remained at the house.vrdp. pat -un.(To do something) by fours.Upat-upatun ta in pagdihil kindi ha manga bata'.Let's give four pieces of candy to each child.
upat matanA person with eyeglasses.Pasal awn samin mata niya, laung sin manga tau upat mata na siya.Because he has glasses, people say he's now a person with eyeglasses.
upawadjBald on the crown of the head.nBald pate.Pagsaruk kaw bat di' kakitaan in upaw mu.Wear a hat so your bald pate won't be seen.synungas