Tausug - English


pamungvag mag-, -um-; pat hi-; goal -an.To express (something) in words, state, declare, say (something).Pamung kaw sin ha lawm sin atay mu.Say what is on your mind (lit. liver).himumungan2der.nStatement, declaration, words.ptbichara3fr. var. ofbitsarabayta' laung1fr. var. oflawng2
punud1adjNot hollow, solid, (of a body) sturdy.Di' kami mamī bang bukun da bulawan punud.We won't buy if its not solid gold.Muwi' pa lupa' punud.say.1vtTo die, (lit. to return to solid ground).2viTo make (something) solid.Punurun ku in bitis ku, hangkan subay aku magdāgan sakahaba' mahinaat.I want to make my lower legs sturdy, that's why I should run every morning.3To be or become unable to speak, move, or act (because of a strong, sudden emotion of anger, sorrow, or fear).Napunud sadja siya pagdungug niya miyatay in asawa niya.He was just unable to speak or move when he heard that his wife died.
pa1adv(Signals the continuance of an event already occurring or of a state already existing) still, more, yet.Yari pa siya dī.He is still here.Way pa siya dimatung.She has not yet arrived.ptna1
pa2verbal affixA transitivizer, the causative affix.Magpakila aku sin baran ku kanila.I'll make myself known to them.Palingkura in manga bisita.Have the visitors sit down.Parakdakan ta in manga kurtina kan Babu' Anang.We'll ask Aunt Anang to launder the curtains.
pa'gangvag mag-; ran -an.To hinder, restrain, control, curb (something).Subay natu' pa'gangan in pagsaplag sin sakit yan.We have to hinder the spread of that disease.Di' ku kapa'gangan in kabayaan niya hinangun.I can't restrain her from doing what she wants.Pa'gangi in baya' mu magsiga.Control your desire to smoke.pt*ta'gahawid
pa'mus1unspec. var.pamus2vTo wash (one's or someone's) face.
pa'sanvCV 3 ag mag-; pat -un.To carry (something) across one's shoulder.Pa'sana in mital yaun ha abaga mu.Carry the can across your shoulder.pt
paanThigh.Nakutkut siya sin iru' ha paa.He was bitten by the dog on the thigh.6
paandignInsinuation, innuendo, indirect reference or remark (usu. implying something derogatory).Diyugalan siya sin paandig mu.He is angry over your insinuation.vag mag-; goal -an.To insinuate, make an innuendo, indirect remark or reference.Nasā' kaw bang aku in paandigan mu sin pagtakaw.You're mistaken if you insinuate that I'm the thief.
*pāba'vag mag-.To abjectly apologize (for eloping).Nagpāba' na pa maas sin babai in manga nagdakup.The couple who eloped have gone to the lady's parents to abjectly apologize.pt*maap
pād1nThe palm (of the hand) or sole (of the foot).Naghuhulas in pād lima niya.The palms of his hand are sweating.Masakit in pād siki ku.The sole of my foot is sore.2nA handbreadth.
paddumannA compass, diary or the like.In tau magtulak-tulak subay awn padduman niya.A navigator should have a compass.Supaya di' kalupahan subay hibutang ha padduman.This must be written in a diary so as not to be forgotten.
padjaknA pawnshop.Siyanda' ku in gallang ha padjak.I pawned the bracelet in the pawnshop.vag mag-; pat -un.To monopolize a trade concession, lease (something, hire or charter (something, as a plane, jeep, boat, etc.).In sīni Ever piyadjak sin Lannang.The Ever theatre is leased to a Chinese.Piyadjak niya in ariplanu pa Sambuwangan.He chartered the plane to Zamboanga.
padpadnA medicinal plant; (with thick leaves containing water, like cactus leaves).Makakullus hubag in padpad.Padpad can cause swelling to subside.
pādpād1unspec. var.sapādpād1advInstead of, rather than.Pādpād kaw maglawag kaniya marayaw pa kaw tumagad dī.It's better that you wait here rather than look for him.
padukkanA title used by all persons of royal blood, a minor official.
pag'aagarannA means of transportation, vehicle.Unu in pag'aagaran madtu pa tiyanggi?What will our means of transportation be going to town?Mataud pag'aagaran maglabay ha dān ini.There are so many vehicles passing this route.
paga-paganA shelf.Butangan in būk yan ha paga-paga.Place that book on the shelf.ptlapad-lapad
pagalnAn enclosure (for confining animals, esp. fowls), pen, cage.Maghinang kami pagal itik.We will make a duck's pen.vag mag-; pat -un.To enclose (animals, esp. fowls) in a pen.Pagala in manga babuy yan bat di' magsāsab.Enclose those pigs in a pen so they won't wander in the streets.ptkural ād kūnganover-synapis
pagasadjVoiceless (as from a cold), (of the voice) hoarse.In tingug pagas itung di' kadungugan.A hoarse voice is practically inaudible.ptpagaw*lagaw vpat magka-.To develop a hoarse voice.Magkapagas siya bang siya ulapayun.She develops a hoarse voice when she has a cold.
pagatnA scratch, superficial wound (inflicted by something pointed or sharp).viST pat ma-.To have a scratch, be or become scratched.Napagat in buktun ku sin kahuy tunukan.My arm was scratched by the thorny stick.vtag mag-; pat -un.To scratch (something).Piyagat niya in ugud niya, hangkan nagdugu'.She scratched her sore, that's why it bled.ptkagas
pagawadjHoarse, having a congenital harshness or roughness of voice.Di' ku tuud kahātihan in bichara sin tau pagaw yaun.I really can't understand the words of that harsh-voiced man.ptpagas *lagaw
paginRayfish (generic).Makalupad in pagi ha babaw dagat.A rayfish can fly on the surface of the ocean.2
pagkahinA fellow (belonging to the same party, side, class or kind); (one's) peer.Subay kita mamawgbug ha pagkahi ta Pilipino.We must defend our fellow Filipinos.
pagkuwan1advMight, may, perhaps.Pagkuwan di' siya dumatung adlaw ini.She might not arrive tomorrow.Agad na kaw bihaun, pagkuwan, di' mari in jīp kunsūm.You'd better come with us now, the jeep might not come tomorrow.2advThen.Pagkuwan, unu in hīnang mu pagkita' mu sin sunug?Then what did you do when you saw the fire?ptsakali