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natu'pronPerhaps not as emphatically plural as the forms taniyu and natu'niyu.Speaker-hearer sing. and pl. non-topic actor/causer and possessor pronoun; we, us, our.
natu'niyupronSpeaker-hearer pl. non-topic actor/causer and possessive pronoun; we, us, our.Hinagun natu'niyu in karayawan pa parinta natu'.Let us do what is good for our government.Subay natu'niyu kalasahan in maas natu'.We should love our parents.over-synnatu'
naug1.1vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To go down (as a ladder or stair), dismount (as from a horse, vehicle), alight, to send forth, give out publicly or officially as of laws messages, etc.; go down to get (something).Naug kaw dayn ha bāy yan.Come down from that house.Nakanaug na siya dayn ha tarak.He just alighted from the truck.1.2vact/pat unaffixed(For laws, messages, etc.) to go forth, be given out publicly or officially.In pahāti ini naug dayn ha upis sin mayul.This notice comes from the mayor's office.Piyanaug sin Tuhan in parman niya dayn ha manga nabi.God sent forth His commandments through the prophets.2vag magpa-; pat pa--un.To sell out (one's property usu. at a depreciated value, esp. in times of financial difficulty).Mayta' kaw nagpanaug sin pamulawan mu?Why are you selling out your gold jewelry?ptbaba'
*nayamnpanayam-nayamSee panayam.Games (different kinds of games played at the same occasion).Awn panayam-nayam bihaun ha grandstand.There are games at the grandstand now.
naylunEnglishnNylon line.pthapun1tangsi'
ni'matnBlessing, grace, favor from God in the form of internal body comforts.Sumannyang in pamikil mu bang kaw dihilan ni'mat sin Tuhan.You will have peace of mind if God showers His grace upon you.ptrahmat
nigatibEnglishnA negative, photographic image on transparent material used for printing positive pictures.Pahugasan ku in nigatib sin patta' ku.I'll have the negatives of my pictures developed.
niki'-niki'adjVery small, little (in size or amount).In ambung yan niki'-niki' tuud.That basket is too small.ptnahut asibi' sibi'-sibi'anak-anak
nilapronThird person pl. non-topic actor/causer and possessor pronoun; they, their.Patayun nila in kambing.They will kill the goat.Bāy nila sān.That's their house.
nipa'nNipa palm.Used for roofing and walling.5
nipisnThinness, flimsiness, sleaziness.Bang bihan in nipis sin badju' subay kaw magkamisun.If the dress is that thin then you should wear a slip.adjmanipisThin (as of a person, book, or pad of paper); (of cloth) flimsy, sleazy.Manipis tuud in kakana'.The cloth is very thin.vtAR ran -an.To make (something) thinner, to take away some thickness.Subay nipisan in sulab sin laring ampa mahayt.The blade of the knife should be made thinner, then it will be sharp.viST pat mag-, -um-.To become thin or thinner.Magninipis in baran mu.You're becoming thinner.
nispunThe month of commemorating the dead.A yearly Muslim commemoration of the dead celebrated during the whole month of Sa'ban. During the month graves are visited and cleaned, sprinkled with water and decorated with the infloresence of the palm tree.Maglanu' in tau kubul bang bulan nispu.People clean the graves when it's the month of commemorating the dead.vag mag-.To celebrate such an occasion.Ku'nu kamu magnispu?When will you celebrate the commemorating of the dead?
nitu'nThe climbing ferns.Lygodium spp.5
niyapronThird person sing. non-topic actor/causer and possessor pronoun; him/her, his/hers, he/she.Way niya aku piyaagad.She didn't let me go along.Ini in bilik niya.This is his room.
niyatnIntention, purpose, desire, ambition.Unu in niyat mu miyari?What is your intention in coming here?ptgawi vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To intend, desire, aim at, think of, dream of (something); regard or consider (someone to be something), hope for (something).Way aku nagniyat sin sugarul siya.I never thought that he would be a thief.Niyatun ta kaw taymanghud, pasal sin dayaw mu kāku'.I consider you a brother because of your goodness to me.ptpikil maksud ganta'
niyupronSecond person pl. non-topic actor/causer and possessor pronoun; you, your.Sumbay'a niyu na.You (pl.) slaughter it.Bukun ka ini būla niyu?Isn't this your (pl.) ball?
niyugnThe coconut (palm) tree, (not included semantically under generic kahuy).Awn yaun niyug hi hinda Sappari, tiyungguan hi Hadji Sali.Hadji Sali was once taking care of some coconut trees that belonged to Sappari.Pilangka-ulad dahun niyug hambuuk pilak?How many coconut leaves can you buy for one peso?ptnipa'saniCocos nucifera L.
n(The prophet) Noah.
nukilunspec. var.nukir1nA handwritten pamphlet.In tau di' pa tuud makahampat sin duwaa sambahayang subay awn nukil pagbassahun.Anyone who does not yet know the verse well in praying, must have a (prayer) pamphlet to read.2nReligious learning or knowledge.In manga pakil subay maingat nukil.Priests should have religious knowledge.3nA person skilled in writing (i.e., who has good penmanship).
nunuknThe balete or strangler fig tree (believed to house a demon).Pagkakitaan in lagtaw ha nunuk bang dūm.A giant can be seen at the balete tree at night.
*nungnungfr. var.nyungnyung1vTo adore or value (something) highly.

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