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napasnBreath.In napas niya mabahu'.He has bad breath.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To breathe.Di' aku makanapas marayaw.I can't breathe well.mugtu'/mabugtu' in napasid.vTo die (lit. for the breath to snap).Nabugtu' in napas niya.He died (lit. his breath snapped).
na1part(Signals the arrival of the time of an expected event or the attainment of an expected state) now, (signals the occurrence of an event or the attainment of a state sooner than expected) already. (Often best not translated).Ubus na aku kimaun.I have already finished eating.
na21intjWell! Now! (usu. used at the beginning of a sentence).Na, maunu-unu in hinang mu?Well, how's your work?2intjAll right (then), okay (then) (calls attention to a point of contention or incites a person to do something).Na, mag'unu na kitaniyu?All right then, what shall we do?Na, kitaun ta bang mu yan mahinang.Okay, let's see if you can do it.Na, kadtui, lubak kaw.All right, just try hitting me.
nabinOne who received a revelation (parman) from God, a prophet.Bang ha agama Islam hi Nabi Muhammad in katapusan nabi.According to the Islamic religion Prophet Muhammad is the last prophet.
nadjisnDirt, filth, excretion.In nadjis sin bata' yan matubig.The bowel movement of that child is watery.pttay'Euph.
nag-verbal prefixpfxBegun aspect form of mag-.
naganA dragon.In naga magpangaun tau.A dragon swallows people.
nahasadjVery unlucky (a stronger word than bulsit), unfortunate.Nahas in kapanaw niya.His journey was very unlucky.ptbulsit
nahutnSlenderness.Biya' diin in nahut sin hawakan niya?How slender is her waist?adjmanahutSmall, tiny, minute, microscopic; (of one's figure) slender.Manahut in jawm piyanugsuk.The hypodermic needle is small.viST pat -um-.To become slender, smaller.In tau matambuk mabaya' numahut.A stout person wants to become slender.vtran -an.To make (something) narrower, thinner.Nahutan ku in dawat sin pinsil ini.I'll make the lead of this pencil thinner.ptasibi' anak-anakniki'-niki'
najalnA pledge or promise (to do something if certain hopes or wishes are realized), oath, vow, wish.Awn najal ku bang kaulian in sakit sin anak ku.I've made a vow if my daughter recovers from her illness.vag mag-.To pledge, promise or vow (to do something if certain hopes or wishes are realized).Mangi' in magnajal ampa di' da agarun.It's bad to make a vow and not keep it.ptjanji'
NakibnThe title of a minor civil official below a Maharadja.Hi Nakib Abdul diyaak sin Maharadja mamaluk pa Sultan.Nakib Abdul was asked by the Maharadja to appear before the Sultan.ptUlangkaya'panglimalaksamana
nakirnOne of the questioners of the dead (see mungkalun).
nakura'nA chief, leader (esp. in a big group or organization).Hi Abdul in nakura' sin parhimpunan yan.Abdul is the leader of that organization.vag mag-.To act in the capacity of a chief or leader, lead.Ikaw in magnakura' sin hinang.You lead (them) to do the work.Papagnakuraun sin sultan ha paghula' nila in tau dumaug ha paglumba'.The king will make the person who wins the race a leader in their community.
nalka'1fr. var.narka'1nHell.
*namavag mag-.To habitually brag about (and exaggerate) one's love adventures.Wayruun na sa yan babai maya' kaymu bang kaw magnama sadja.No woman will ever like you if you keep on bragging of your amorous adventures.adjmanama(Of a man) habitually bragging and telling (exaggerated and false accounts) of his love adventures with women.Marugal in manga babai ha usug manama.Women get angry with men who brag of their affairs.
nana'nPus matter.Mataud nana' in gimuwa' ha bawtut niya.There was much pus matter that came out of his boils.adjmanana'Full of pus.Manana' tuud in manga ugud niya.His sores are full of pus.vact/pat mag-.To have or develop pus.Nagnana' in pali' niya.His infected wound developed pus.
nana' bawtutnA person (esp. a child) who often or easily cries, crybaby.Ayaw kaw maglangug ha nana' bawtut.Don't tease a crybaby.
nanam1nTaste, flavor (of food).Biya' diin in nanam sin sabaw yan?How does the soup taste?Way nanam sin sabaw ini.This soup has no flavor.genkita' vinst hipagpa-.To give (something) more taste;Yari in bitsin hipagpananam mu sin sayul.Here's the vetsin that you can use to give the vegetable more taste.ptkinam adjmananamTasty, flavorful.Mananam in sabaw ini.This soup is tasty.ptlanab sarap1 2nExperience, feeling.Biya' diin in nanam sin magkajīl?What is the feeling of being jailed like? (i.e., how does it feel to be jailed?).vag -um-; pat -un; ran ka--an.To sense, feel, or experience (something).Nakananam sila kabinasaan.They experienced affliction.Bang kaw baldusa tantu numanam kaw kasiksaan.If you're a sinner surely you will feel punishment.Kiyananaman ku in pagtahi' sin pali' ku.I felt (the pain) as my wound was sutured.Unu in niyanam mu?What do you feel?Kiyananaman mu ka in paglinug?Did you feel the earthquake?Bihaun hipananam ku kaymu in parasahan sin hinang mu kāku'.Now I'll let you feel the torment you've done to me.specdungug hamut kita' over-syningat
napakanDaily subsistence (of a family).Subay parulihun ta in napaka sin anak asawa natu'.We should give attention to the daily subsistence of our families.vag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To provide daily subsistence (for someone).Subay kita magnapaka ha anak asawa ta.We have to provide daily subsistence for our wives and children.ptgastu
napasnBreath.In napas niya mabahu'.He has bad breath.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To breathe.Di' aku makanapas marayaw.I can't breathe well.mugtu'/mabugtu' in napasid.vTo die (lit. for the breath to snap).Nabugtu' in napas niya.He died (lit. his breath snapped).
*napivag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To take precautionary measures, avoid, be cautious.Subay ta napihan in duwa magtiyaun bat di' makapagbugit.We should take precautionary measures with the married couple so they won't divorce.pthalli'
napsunAppetite, desire, covetousness (esp. for material possessions).In napsu mu mag'arta' amura in makamula kaymu.Your desire for more wealth will eventually destroy you.vag mag-, -um-.To have such a desire.Ayaw kaw numapsu sin alta' sin kaibanan mu.Don't covet your fellowman's wealth.adjnapsuhanCovetous.Napsuhan in tau ini minsan dīdihilan na mangayu' pa.This man is covetous; he continues to ask even when he is already given.ptbaya' mulakab
narka'2unspec. var.nalka'2nHell.antsulga'1vpat ma-.To go to hell.Manarka' kaw bang kaw di' ampunun sin Tuhan.You'll go to hell if God will not forgive you.ptjahannam antsulga'2
nasihatnReligious teaching, moral teaching, sermon, religious advice, counsel.Subay kita magkahagad sin nasihat sin maas.We have to obey the religious advice of our parents.vag mag-; pat -un, hi-; goal -an.To advise, counsel, preach a sermon.Nagnasihat in imam ha masjid.The imam preached a sermon in the mosque.Nasihatan ta in manga tau ha masjid.We will preach to the people in the mosque.pthindu' hutba' pandu'

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