Tausug - English


lalinOne's style or way (of dressing, speaking, acting, etc., usu. in an affected way).Way kaw tiyūp sin lali mu.Your style doesn't fit you.adjStylish.Malali tuud in tau yaun.That fellow is very stylish.synjangngang
lallan1fr. var.lanlan1vTo call an elder by his first name; to eat viand only without rice.
lallaynSlowness, delay, inertness.Bang bihāh in lallay sin hinang di' yan maubus hangka-bulan.If the slowness of the work is like that it won't be done in a month.vag mag-.To do (something) slowly, dilly-delly, dawdle.Maglallay sadja sin hinang in tau lisuan.A lazy person just dawdles with his work.vST pat -um-.(Of motion) to slow, become slower.Lumallay in dagan sin kappal bang patayan in hambuuk makina.The running of the ship will become slower if they turn off one engine.adjmalallaySlow, sluggish, delayed.Malallay in panaw niya sabab masakit in siki niya.Her pace is slow because her feet are hurting.Malallay in datung sin sulat mari.The arrival of the mail here is delayed.ptluming hinay
lalungannAn open coffin (used only to carry the dead to the grave).Bang kiyabutang na in mayat ha lalungan di' na manjari ulinan.If the corpse has been placed in a coffin, then it cannot be touched.ptjanāja'
laman1vag mag-, -um-.To pass by quickly.Maglaman sadja hi Abdul dayn dī sa' di' maghapit mari pa bāy.Abdul is always passing by but he doesn't drop in at our house.2vag mag-, -um-.To catch a glimpse of (something), (for) a mental image or vision (of something) to come (to one).Limaman in dagbus niya kāku' kabii.A mental image of her form came to me last night.ptlambung
lamaynViand, that which is eaten with cooked rice or cassava.Ista' tahay in lamay namu' adlaw ini.We are having dried fish for viand today.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran -an.To eat (viand [as meat, fish, chicken, etc.]) with (the staple food).Malanab in panggi' lamayan ista' diyangdang.Cassava is tasty eaten with roast fish.
lambang11nA part of something that protrudes or hangs over (as the strands left over after making a knot), something that is bigger than what is needed.viact/pat -um-, mag-.To protrude or hang over; (for something) to be too big to be carried conveniently, too long to fit in a certain space.Limalambang na in bata' yan babahun.That child is too big to be carried piggyback.Hangkan nabinggil in siki niya sin jīp sabab naglalambang pa guwa' dayn ha kīd tarak.The reason his foot was struck by the jeep is that it protruded out from the side of the bus.vtAR ran -an.To furnish (something) with a protrusion.Subay lambangan in higad mital supaya awn kakamputan.The side of the large tin can should be furnished with a protrusion so that there is something to hold onto.over-synlabi 2nA rung (of a ladder), step (of a staircase), a rounded or shaped piece fixed for strengthening purposes (as between the legs of a chair).Nabali' in lambang sin hagdan.The rung of the ladder broke.vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To furnish with a rung or step; put on a piece (to strengthen something, as between the legs of a chair).Lambangan ta in siki sin bangku' bat di' magjugjug.We'll put a crosspiece between the legs of the chair so it won't shake.
lambang2vpat ma-.Does not occur with pa2.(With mata) to be confused (by profusion of things seen, esp. when deciding to choose something from a variety of things).Nalambang mata aku sin manga sapatus yan.I'm confused (what to choose) from all those pairs of shoes.
lambitungnFirefly.Kakitaan mu in manga lambitung ha katigidluman.You'll see the fireflies in the dark.1
lambung1nShadow, reflection of an object (in a mirror or in water).Awn lambung tau kīta' ku limabay ha daig tandawan.I saw someone's shadow go by the window.nlambunganA shaded place.vag mag-; ran ka--an.To cast a shadow (on something), see someone's shadow.Kiyalambungan ku siya limabay.I saw his shadow go by.Kalambungan sin kahuy in jambangan mu.The tree will cast a shadow on your garden.mag'apas lambungid.v1To strive to get all the material things one's neighbors or associates have, keep up with the Joneses (lit. to chase a shadow).Bang in tau mag'apas lambung lumugay makapanakaw na.A man who keeps up with the Joneses sooner or later will resort to stealing.2To present a mental image.Maglambung ha mata ku in dagbus hi dayang ku.The form of my lady love presents itself to my eyes (i.e., I have visions of her).3To surmise, imagine.Bang ku palambungun biya' mangi' in hinang sin tau ini.I surmise that this man is doing evil.Mapalambung mu in taud sin pilak iyubus niya.Can you just imagine the amount of money he used.ptkira-kira
lamdusnA cork (used to cover a bottle).Haunu na in saub lamdus sin kassa' tawyu?Where is the cork cover of the soy sauce bottle?
lamiadjmalamiFunny, droll, comical, amusing, entertaining, joyful.Malami tuud in pagsini-sini.The stage show was really funny.nlami-lamiFun, entertainment, celebration, amusement.Himagdir kami sin lami-lami ha bāy nila.We attended the celebration at their house.vag mag-, -um-.To have fun, enjoy (something), celebrate, amuse oneself.Maglami-lami kitaniyu ubus maghinang.We'll celebrate (a party) after working.ptlangug kuyag
laminnTransmission (of something, as a disease, bad or good manners) from one person to another.vag mang-, -um-; ran -an.To contaminate or be contaminated with something (as a disease, bad manners, etc.); (for something) to rub off (on one).Ayaw kaw magdaig ha tau kulapan bat kaw di' kalaminan.Don't go near a fellow with ichthyosis, you might get contaminated.Salugay nila nagbagay iban sin bata' maingat yan kiyalaminan isab sila sin ingat niya.As long as they have been friends with that bright child his knowledge has rubbed off on them.vact/pat mag-.To spread, (for a disease) to be contagious.Hangkaray' da maglamin in sakit bilas.Conjunctivitis is very contagious.ptlatag
lamisahannA table.In lamisahan hi mastal Reyes hīnang ha Tawi-Tawi.The table of Mr. Reyes was made in Tawi-Tawi.vag mag-.To use a table (in eating, writing, etc.).Di' siya mabaya' maglamisahan ha ini.She doesn't want to use this table.
*lamitvag mag-; pat -un; ran -an.To share something with someone esp. food.Lamit-lamita in kindi ha manga bata'.Share the candy with the children.ptbahagi'
lammanWeakness, illness, sickness; boredom.Subay dāhun pa huspital in bata' ini sabab magsusūng in lamma niya.We must take this child to the hospital because its weakness is increasing (i.e., it's getting weaker).adjmalammaWeak, ill, sick; bored.Di' aku makahinang sabab malamma pa aku.I can't work because I'm still weak.vact/pat mag-, -um-; ran -an.To become weak, ill, sick; become bored.Magsusūng in adlaw maglalamma in bata'.The child is becoming weaker each day.ptukuy
lampanCurry powder.Masarap in manuk butangan lampa.Chicken is delicious with curry powder.specpamāpa
lampagadjCareless (also malampag).Lampag in bata' ini makabagbag sadja lāy.This child is so careless, she always breaks plates.Mataud hinang makangi' sin tau malampag.Much work can be destroyed by a careless person.vag mag-; pat -un.To carelessly leave (things around), fail to tidy up or put things back in their place.Lampagun mu sadja in panayaman mu pawyu-pawyu.You just carelessly leave your toys anywhere.nkalampaganCarelessness.Di' ta kaw bīhan tamungun bang bihān in kalampagan mu.I won't buy you clothes if that's the way your carelessness is.
lampakvag mag-, -um-; pat hi-; ran -an.To put out matching funds, show one's security stake (in a game).Di' aku mabaya' bang mu di' lampakan in taun ku yan.I don't want to play if you don't match my stake.Duwanggatus in kiyalampak ku ha pagpanayaman.I put out two hundred as matching stake in the game of chance.pttaun1 tūk1
lampasunA coconut husk used for scrubbing the floor, a mop.vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To scrub (a floor with a coconut husk, mop (a floor).Lampasuhi in lantay.Scrub the floor.pt*lanu' tarapu
lampawadjMore, superior, greater (in degree, number, height, weight, size, etc.).Lampaw in daya niya dayn kātu'niyu katān.His riches are greater than all of ours.vag mang-, -um-; ran -an.Usu. with naka-.To outdo (someone), surpass, excel, exceed or be superior (in something, as degree, quality, value); be excessive.Nakalampaw in taud nila.They are suprerior in number.Nakalampaw in taas.Superior in height.Nakalampaw in bu'gat.Superior in weight.Lumampaw siya dayn ha katān ha susūngun.He is going to surpass everyone in the future.Lampawan niya in kusug ku.He is trying to outdo my strength.ptlandu' over-synlabi karuk labbaw
lampaya'1unspec. var.tampaya'1dial 3. var.tampayak11adj(Of a person's face) broad, open, round.In tau kiyakitaan ku kimawa' sin bāg lampaya' in pamayhuan niya.The person whom I saw take the bag had a round face.2adj(Of an earthenware plate) large.Butangan in kaunun ha lāy lampaya'.Put the cooked rice on a large earthenware plate.
lampik1nA lining or layer (of the same or different material to protect against leak, pressure, etc. or make something thicker); saddle cloth (of an animal).Butangi lampik in baluy yan bat dumakmul.Put a layer under that mat so it will be thicker.vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To put a layer or lining under or inside of (something so as to prevent leak, pressure, etc. or make something thicker).Lampikan ta in taykud sin kura' ini.Let's put a lining (i.e., a saddle cloth) on this horse's back.Lampiki yan sin kātas.Line that with paper.pthanig lapis1 bikal 2vag mag-.(With bissara and preceded with negation), to speak directly, frankly or bluntly.Di' maglampik bissara in tau yan minsan da hisiyu in kumangi' in atay.That man speaks bluntly regardless of whoever gets hurt.
lampin1nA piece of cloth for wrapping a baby, a diaper.Gantii in lampin sin bata'-bata' bang basa'.Change the baby's diaper if it is wet.vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To wrap or put a fresh diaper on a baby.Lampini in bata'-bata'.Diaper the baby.vpat -un.To use (something) as a diaper.
lampin2vag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un.To whip, strike or kick (with a leg or a tail, as a crocodile tail); sweep (something toward or away from the agent) with the leg or tail; flip one's legs.Malami maglampin in manga bata' ha dagat.It's joyful to watch children flip their legs in the sea.Nalampin siya sin buaya.He was struck by the tail of the crocodile.Hipanglampin ku in siki ku ha sumuuk kāku'.I'll use my legs to whip anybody who comes near me.