Tausug - English


lappasadjDelivered (as from evil, danger, sickness, etc.); redeemed (from sin).Bang man siya lappas da dayn ha kamulahan.May he be delivered from any danger.vtag mag-, mang-; pat -un; ran -an.With -un, someone delivers them. With -an, no one knows where the deliverance has or will come from.To deliver, redeem someone.Bang man kaw lappasan da dayn ha kasigpitan.May you be delivered from hardship.vipat ma-.To be delivered.Nalappas siya dayn ha sakit.He was delivered from his sickness.ptsalamatnmanglalappasOne who delivers, a redeemer, saviour.
lapu-lapunA thin white covering of muscular tissue, (an onionskin-like tissue covering either the outermost or innermost part of something, especially that which is found in the hollow of a bamboo).
lapud2unspec. var.lapugadvSwiftly, quickly (used only with dāgan).Lapud na kaw dagan!Run quickly.vaux -um-, mag-.(To run) very fast (always with dāgan).Limapud siya dimagan pagkita' kāku'.He ran very fast when he saw me.ptdāgan over-synbiskay2
*lapud1fr. var.sapudvTo throw something (at fruit trees so as to cause fruit to fall).
lapuknCrispness, brittleness (usu. of food as pastries, peanuts, etc.).Bihaini in lapuk sin batung kabayaan ku.The peanuts I want should be crisp like this.antkussil2 adjmalapukCrisp, brittle (usu. of food).Bukun marayaw in jā bang bukun malapuk.Rolled rice cookies are not good if they are not crisp.pt*tigang antkussil2
lapusvact/pat mag-, -um-; pat -un.To be full of (skin disease).In tau yan nalalapus sin dugsul ha katibuukan sin baran.That man's body is full of boils.pthipu' lapat
laranA pepper (generic), chili pepper.Mataud tau matagi magkaun lara.Many people are fond of eating peppers.vag mag-.To use peppers (in one's sauce [tinuanan]).vST exp ka--an.To feel a burning sensation in the mouth (from peppers), (for one's food) to be too spicy or hot (in the sense of spicy).adjmalara(Of peppers or food spiced with them) spicy, peppery, hot.5
larakadjPartially destroyed, (as of a house, chair, or fence).Larak in hagdan nila.Their stairs are partially destroyed.vtag mag-; pat -un.To destroy a part of (something); dismantle the parts (of something, as a machine, etc.); destroy (one's reputation, one's religious observance, etc.).Subay larakun in makina yan bang mu dayawun.You've got to dismantle the parts of that machine if you want to fix it.vipat ma-.(For a house, chair, machine, one's reputation, etc.) to be destroyed, dismantled.Nalarak in bāy nila sin badju.Their house was destroyed by a typhoon.Nalarak na in pangandul sin tau kaniya pasal sin dusa nahinang niya.People's trust in him has been destroyed because of the crime he committed.ptlubu kangi'2 over-synlangkat
laran1vag (e.g., current, wind, waves) -um-; pat hi-; ran ka--an.To be driven or carried far away (as by wind, current, waves).Pasal sin kusug sin hunus liyaran in kappal pa hunasan.Because the wind was strong the ship was driven to the shoreline.pt*palid2vact/pat mag-.To diffuse, spread out (as of fighting, fire, or natural calamity).Naglaran in pagbunu' dayn ha Maimbung pa Parang.The fighting spread out from Maimbung to Parang.ptlatag
larangnA fence, barrier enclosing some area.Kagunahan in larang ha bāy.There is a need for a fence in the house.vag mag-; pat -un; ran -an.To put a fence around (something -un), fence (a place -an).Maglarang hinda Yusup sin bāy nila.Yusup will be fencing their house.Subay larangan in halaman bat di' makasūd in babuy talun.The yard should be fenced so that wild pigs cannot enter.Hipaglarang ku in manga patung ini.I'll use these bamboos to make a fence.over-synād
laringnA knife (as a kitchen knife or penknife).Wayruun laring hikapanghuya' ta sin sayul ini.We have no knife to cut these vegetables with.ptlahututakjanapbuna'pisaw
larukvCV 1 ag mag-; pat hi-; goal/ben -an.To throw (something a short distance).Hilaruk ta kaw dayn ha tandawan bang aku dugalan.I'll throw you out of the window if I get mad.Larukan ku gandum in manuk, bat masaggaw.I'll throw the chicken corn so it can be caught.pt*tilu'
*larutvag mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran -an.No difference in meaning between -un and -an.To pull out, to uproot (something, as plants, teeth, etc.).Ayaw paglaruta in manga tiyanum.Don't uproot the plants.Palarutan ku in ipun ku kunsūm.I'll have my tooth extracted tomorrow.synhublut
lasanLove (for someone, not romantic love).Naīg in lasa ku ha tau yaun.My love for that person is gone.vpat ma-.To love (someone).Di' aku malasa ha bata'-bata' matugas ū.I don't love hardheaded children.vag -um-, mag-.To love (someone).Lumasa da kaw ha bata' yan bang malugay na naipat mu.You would love that child if you took care of her for a while.Subay maglasa-liyasahi in manga tau.People should love one another.vpat -un.To love (someone), show one's love (for someone).Mahunit lasahun in tau panipu.It's difficult to love a traitor.Malasa siya mag'anak.She loves her children.adjkalasahanBeloved.Siya in anak kalasahan.She is the beloved daughter.ptkasi lindu-randam
*lasagvact/pat -um-.To be grown up, be full in size, be matured.Limasag na in umul niya.He is matured enough.Bang lumasag na in kapaya ampa ta sungkitun.When the papaya is full-grown we'll pick it.ptsangput laas
lasawla'sawadj(Of fruit) overripe.Lasaw na in kapaya ini.This papaya is overripe.vST pat -um-.(For fruit) to become overripe, spoil.Kauna na in labanus yan bat di' lumasaw.Eat the guayabano so it won't become overripe.pthinug
lasayla'say1vact/pat mag-, -um-.(For a liquid) to overflow, (for commodities) to be in surplus.Naglasay na in tubig dayn ha baldi.Water is overflowing from the pail.Naglasay in ista' ha tabu'.There is a surplus of fish at the market.over-synlanaw 2vag mag-, -um-.(For desire, love) to be very great, excessive, too much; (for patience) to wear thin, run out.Limalasay na in baya' niya ha babai yaun.His desire for that girl is excessive (i.e., he's head over heels in love with her).Naglasay na in pasinsiya ku ha tau ini.My patience with this man is wearing thin.ptlandu' layas
*lasi'vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To draw back the foreskin of the penis.Ayaw lasia in utin sin bata'-bata'.Don't draw back the child's foreskin.
lasignActivity, liveliness, cheerfuless, pep, vigor, energy.Malawa' in lasig sin tau bang siya nasasakit.A person will lose his vigor when he's sick.vST pat -um-.To become active, lively, cheerful, peppy, energetic.Agad kaw maglanguy kāmu' bat kaw lumasig.Go swimming with us to liven you up.Lawng sin radyu makalasig baran in mag'inum kahawa.The radio says that coffee will make you energetic.adjmalasigActive, lively, cheerful, sportive, peppy; erotic.Malasig pa in tau ini minsan maas na.This fellow is still active even though he is old.
lassunnPoison.Lassun in nakamatay ha tau ini.Poison is what killed this fellow.vag mag-.To commit suicide by taking poison.Di' makasūd surga' in tau maglassun.People who commit suicide by poison can't enter heaven.vCH 1 ag mang, -um-; pat -un.To kill (something) with poison.Subay lassunun in manga ambaw.We should kill the rats with poison.
lastungnParonychia (an inflammation of the folds of skin bordering a nail of a finger or toe, usu. characterized by infection and pus formation); the (abnormal) whitening of some hair (in young people).Mataud lastung ha buhuk sin bata' ini.This child has many white hairs.vST pat -un.Does not occur with pa2.To be affected by this disease or the (abnormal) whitening of hair.Liyalastung in bakul lima hi ama'.Dad's big finger is inflamed near the nail.Ayaw butangi lana mahamut in buhuk mu bat di' lastungun.Don't put perfume in your hair or it will turn white.ptuban
lāsunA ribbon.Butangi lāsu in buhuk hi Inda'.Put a ribbon on girlie's hair.vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To make or place a ribbon (on something).Lāsuhi in badju' ku ha taykud.Make a ribbon at the back of my dress.
lāsu'nMiddle finger.Nagsisingsing in babai yaun ha lāsu' niya.That woman is wearing a ring on her middle finger.ptbakul2 tudlu' jaymaniskingking
lata1nTalkativeness, loquaciousness, garrulousness.Bang in lata mu biya' sin ingat mu awn da man kasūngan mu.If your talkativeness is like your knowledge, then you'll have a great future (ironic).vag mag-, mang-, -um-; pat -un.To talk lengthily (so as to cause annoyance), nag.Naglalata sadja in babai ini.This woman is always nagging.adjmalataTalkative, loquacious, garrulous.Malisu' aku sin maas malata.I loathe a garrulous old person.ptbichara32vag mag-, mang-, -um-; pat -un.To rebuke (someone).Bang kaw latahun niya ayaw na kaw magkayba'.If she'll rebuke you, just be quiet.ptamā
latagvag mag-, -um-, mang-; goal -un.To cover (an area) thoroughly; (for information, gossip, sickness, etc.) to spread, disseminate, diffuse; go to every (store, etc. looking for something).Latag kaw ha katindahan bang awn kabākan mu kakana' biya' ha ini.Cover the stores thoroughly looking for cloth like this.Naglatag na in kahiluhan bihaun pa kahulaan.The confusion is now spreading throughout the country.Naglatag aku pakain-pakain ha bata' yan.I went everywhere (searching) for that child.adjWidespread, prevalent.Latag in sakit yan ha kahulaan.That sickness is widespread in the country.ptkalingkal3