Tausug - English


jati'nTeak (a kind of tree with a broad leaf).In kahuy jati' marayaw paghinang bāy sabab makamdus tuud.The teak tree is good for making a house because it's very durable.5
jattiadj(Of a legitimate or adopted child) legal, (of wealth) justly obtained; pure.Jatti in katān alta' niya.All his wealth is justly obtained.ptpurna'purul
*jatuvact/pat mag-, -um-.(For something) to come into being, develop (into something useful), be accomplished, be realized, materialize.Di' magjatu in pananum bang panuga.The plants won't develop if it's hot season.vpat -un.To bring (something) into being; develop (something) into something useful; accomplish, realize, materialize (something).nkajatuhanAccomplishment, realization, materialization.Way kajatuhan sin hinang mu yan.There won't be any accomplishment from your work.
jausanunspec. var.jawsannA kind of amulet hung around the neck.Some *magical *verses *in *Arabic characters *are *written on a piece of white paper then the paper is folded very small and wrapped with strips of black or yellow cloth. Not used nowadays.Dīhilan hi Utu' Usman jausan sin apu' niya.Boy Usman was given a kind of amulet known as jausan by his grandfather.
jaw'-jaw'adjImpolite, ill-mannered, discourteous and boastful.Mataud tau marugal kaniya sabab jaw'-jaw' siya.Many people are upset with him because he is ill-mannered.vag mag-.To act in such a manner.Ayaw kaw magjaw'-jaw' ha manga tau maas.Don't be discourteous to the elders.pthalipulu arut
jawabnAnswer, reason, argument (as in a discussion, debate, or argument).Unu in jawab sin dayn hansipak?What's the argument of the other party?vag mang-, -um-, mag-; pat -un.To answer, reason, argue, discuss, answer back.Subay kaw di' jumawab ha ina' mu.You should not answer back to your mother.adjmajawabProne to answer back.Asal majawab in bata' yan.That child is prone to answer back.ptdaawa sambung1
jawi'1nA violent or intense disagreement, argument, quarrel, dispute.Jawi' in puunan sin kalu nila.Their intense argument was the cause of their quarrel.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To have a violent disagreement, argument, quarrel, dispute; argue violently (with someone).Nagjawi' sila pasal sin lupa'.They disputed violently over a piece of land.Ayaw mu na siya jawia.Don't argue violently with her.npagjawianThe object or subject of intense or violent argument.pt*lugat jawab over-synkālu 2vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.(For a fighting cock) to kick (another cock as they fight).Makakangi' ha manuk in daran magjawi'.It's bad for a cock to be always kicking.pt*takbi'
jawmnA needle, any needle-like object (as a compass needle or the hands of a watch).Bī kaw jawm hipagtahi' ta.You buy a needle for us to sew with.
jaymanisnFourth finger, ring finger.ptbakul2 tudlu' lāsu'kingking
jaytununspec. var.jaytuknOlive (tree).Masarap in bunga sin jaytun hinangun pamapa.The fruit of olive is delicious as a relish.In kahuy sin jaytun marayaw hinangun ukil-ukil.The olive tree is good for ornamental use.
Jibrailunspec. var.Jibril1nThe archangel Gabriel.Hi Jibrail in malāikat sin Tuhan nagbayta' kan Sitti Mariyam pasal sin hipag'anak niya hi Isa.Gabriel was the angel of God who told Mary that she would give birth to Jesus.ptMikail Israpil2nA masculine proper name.
jibulannA small winnowing basket (having many tiny holes at the middle, used for separating cereal grains from their chaff).Kawa' kaw madtu jibulan bat kaīgan in apa sin bugas ini.Get a small winnowing basket so we can separate the chaff from the rice.ptligu
jikilvag mag-, -um-, mang-; goal -an.To chant the praise of God (at a religious ceremony).In manga Muslim magjikil ha sambahayang nila.The Muslims chant the praise of God in their prayers.
jīlnJail.Awn nakapaguy pilisu dayn ha jīl.There was a prisoner who escaped from jail.vtag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To imprison or put (someone) in jail.Di' sa kaw yan jīlun bang way dusa mu.You won't be put in jail if you don't have any wrongdoing.vipat ma-.To be imprisoned.Majīl kaw bang way magpiyansa kaymu.You'll be imprisoned if there's no one to pay your bond.synkalabusu
jilaka'2fr. var.jahulaka'3adjCruel, unkind, pitiless, malicious.
jimpal1unspec. var.simpal1vag mag-; pat -un.To excite (fighting cocks) by holding them in front of each other (and having them start kicking).Magjimpal kita sin duwa manuk bubulang.Let's excite the two fighting cocks by holding them in front of each other.Pagjimpalun ta in duwa manuk tatakbi' ampa kita magbulang.Let's hold the two fighting cocks in front of each other to excite them before we let them fight.ptjawi' *takbi'
jimpawnA towel.vag mag-, mang-; ran -an.To wipe or dry (something) with a towel.Ayaw pangjimpawan in jimpaw ku.Don't dry yourself with my towel.Pangjimpaw kaw bat di' mabasa' in lantay.Towel yourself so the floor won't get wet.vpat -un.To use (something) as a towel.
jimpulagvag mag-, -um-, mang-.To move, struggle.Nagjimpulag in manga tau simakat ha jīp.The people struggled to board the jeepney.adjmajimpulagActive, never still, always moving.Majimpulag in babai ini.This girl is active.
jīnnJinn, genie, (a class of spirits lower than the angels capable of appearing in human and animal forms and influencing mankind for good or evil).Mataud in ginisan sin jīn. Awn tau pagsūrun sin jīn, awn mag'ipat ha jīn.There are many kinds of jinn. There are people who are entered by a jinn, there are those who take care of a jinn.adjjīnanPossessed by a jinn.Jīnan in tau yaun.That man is possessed by a jinn.over-synsaytan
jinanFornication, adultery.In hinang jina hiyaram sin sara'.Fornication is forbidden by law.vag mag-, mang-; pat -un.To fornicate, commit adultery.Dusa dakula' in magjina.It's a great sin to commit adultery.
jinis2fr. var.ginis2nKind, variety.
Jipun.nJapanese.Bakas nākari in manga Jipun pa Lupa' Sūg.The Japanese came to Jolo in the past.Hula' Jipuncomp.Japan.
*jiyaravag mang-, mag-, -um-; pat -un.To kiss (someone's, esp. an elder's) hand (on a feast day, esp. Haylaya Puasa).Subay kita mangjiyara ha mawmaas ta bang haylaya.We have to kiss the hands of our elder relatives when we greet them on festival days.ptsiyum
jubanA vestment (usu. worn at religious ceremonies), outer garmnent, robe, gown.vag mag-.; pat -un.To wear such a garment.Nagjuba in pari'.The Catholic priest is wearing a robe.vTo use (something) as such a garment.