Tausug - English


jāminnRansom, bail, bond as in a contract; influence (used to let a convicted person off).Bang di' hikarihil in jāmin di' makaguwa' in bata' ini.If the ransom can't be paid the child will not be released.vag mag-, mang-, -um-; pat -un.To post bail (for someone), use (one's) influence to let (a convicted person) off, take responsibility for (someone) if (he) is arrested.Subay unud pilak in hipagjāmin kan Abdul bat siya makaguwa' dayn ha jīl.We'll have to have cash to use for bail for Abdul so he can get out of jail.Di' da sa kaw majīl sabab gubnul in magjāmin kaymu.You won't be jailed because the governor will use his influence to let you off.Bang kaw madtu pa Sabah awn da magjāmin kaymu.When you go to Sabah there will be someone to take responsibility for you if you're arrested.over-synpiyansa *lukat
jamjamA Tausug song (a type of lugu') chanted by the imam during the entrance of a bridegroom at a wedding.Amura pakil maas in makaingat sin lugu' jamjam.Only the old Muslim priests know the jamjam kind of chant.
jampana'nA framework mounted with a canopy where the corpse of a sultan or any member of the royalty is carried, royal hearse.Malingkat tuud in kiyahinang sin jampana' hi Indira Ghandi.The royal hearse of Indira Ghandi was very beautifully made.vag mag-; pat -un.To make or use such a framework.In manga tau baba' di' magjampana'.Commoners don't use a royal hearse.
jampangnThe sheet (of a sail).Pahukaa in jampang sin layag ta.Loosen the sheet of our sail.
jamrudnA light green precious stone with flawless radiance.
*jamuvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To eat a sumptuous or elaborate meal (usu. given in connection with some religious feast, death anniversary, birthday, success or fulfillment of a special undertaking).vag magpa-.To stage or give such a meal.Magpajamu aku bang hi Inda' makapagraduwit tahun ini.I'll give a sumptuous meal if my girlie can graduate this year.njajamuhanA sumptuous meal.Parāhi niyu jajamuhan in manga pakil ha masjid.Send a sumptuous meal to the priests in the mosque.
janāja'nA platform or portable framework on which a coffin with corpse is placed, bier.In janāja' subay hipagbīn ha kubul.The bier must be left in the graveyard.ptkaban2lalungan
janapnA (short working) bolo (having a blunt end which is sharpened to facilitate weeding or digging).Marayaw hipagsuwat in janap ini.This bolo is good for weeding.ptutaklahut
janiitnMale sperm or female ovum.ptmanni'syndaging
janji'nA promise, agreement, condition, contract, pledge.Nagbaluba in janji' niya kāku'.His promise to me was broken.vag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To promise, make an agreement, pledge, or contract.Di' aku makajanji' kaymu.I can't promise you.ptnajal npaljanjianAgreement, covenant.Bukun bihān in paljanjian namu'.That's not our agreement.
janningadjFew, small amount or quantity (always preceded by hangka).Dihili siya hangka-janning asin.Give her a few grains of salt.ptpudjut kurak
jantannA simple rafter used as a secondary support (for a high ridge beam).Subay awn jantan sin biyubungan sin bāy.The ridge beam of the house should have supporting rafters.
jantiknElegance in dress and appearance.adjmajantikElegant in dress and appearance.Majantik in babai yaun hangkan da mataud usug in imibug kaniya.That lady is elegant, that's why many men have been attracted by her.ptlingkat
jantung1nHuman heart.2nThe heart (the seat of emotions).In lasa ku kaymu, taw'an ha jantung mu.My love for you, keep it in your heart.ptatay
jangatnjangatanAn implement for scraping (consisting of a handle with a row of sheet metal loops).Mahayt tuud in jangatan ini.This scraper is pretty sharp.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To scrape (a soft substance, as papaya into thin strips to use as a vegetable, immature coconut for confectionery).Magjangat aku sin kapaya ini para gamusun.I'll scrape this papaya and preserve it.Jangatun ku in kapaya hilaw ini.I'll scrape this young papaya.
janggay1nA long fingernail.adjmajanggayHaving long fingernails.vAR ag mag--an, -um-; ran -an.To have long fingernails.Magjanggayan in kuku mu bang mu di' tuptupan.You'll have long fingernails if you don't clip them.2nAn artificial long fingernail used when performing a Tausug dance.vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To use artificial long fingernails.Subay magjanggay bang magpangalay.One has to use artificial long fingernails in dancing the slow formal dance.
janggut1nA (long) beard.Mahaba' in janggut niya.He has a long beard.vpat mag-.To have a long beard.Di' aku mabaya' magjanggut kaw.I don't like you to have a long beard.adjjanggutanBearded.Mabuga' in bata' ha tau janggutan.The child is afraid of the bearded man.ptpungut 2nThe antennae of an insect.
*jangka'njangkaanLimit, borderline, boundary, deadline.Kunsūm in jangkaan sin pagbabayad mu sin utang mu kāku'.Tomorrow is the deadline for the payment of your debt to me.vact/pat -um-, mag-.(For something) to reach its limit, deadline, boundary, or borderline.Jimangka' na in pasinsiya ku ha tau ini.My patience with this man has reached it's limit.pttubtub
jangkinSpite caused by envy or jealousy.Jangki in tagnaan sin pagkālu nila.Envious spite was the root cause of their quarrel.adjmajangkiSpiteful (because of envy).Majangki siya ha pangdaig bāy niya.She is spiteful toward her neighbor.vag mang-, mag-, -um-; pat -un.To behave in a spiteful manner (toward someone through envy), spite (someone).Mangi' in mangjangki ha pagkahi ta.It's not good to spite our fellowmen.syn*iggil
jangngangnOne's affected way of speaking, walking or doing things; affectation.Makalisu' in jangngang sin tau yan.That man's affectation is annoying.vag mag-, -um-;To behave affectedly.Bukun marayaw in tau magjangjang ha mayran.It's not good for a person to behave affectedly in public.adjmajangngangBehaving in an affected way.Majangngang isab in babai ini.This lady indeed behaves affectedly.ptkalakkuwan
japangnA woven leaf basket (esp. for fruits).Usu. made new to receive the harvest and transport it to market and then discarded.Bī kaw mampallam ha japang.Buy mangoes in a woven coconut-leaf basket.ptkampiltampipi' su'gub
jari1conjmanjariNow then, it came to pass (an expression important in discourse structure) (also jari or jari niya).Manjari dimatung in Sultan.Then the Sultan arrived.vpat mang-.To happen, come to pass; become, turn out (to be).Nanjari unu, in hīnang mu kahapun?What did that thing you were making yesterday turn out to be?vmakajarihan.To be sufficient to do a particular job, be enough.Makajarihan in kamatis ini?Are these tomatoes enough (for the recipe?)vaux maka-, mang-.To be able to (do something), be allowed to (do something).Makajari aku magad kaymu pa tabu'?May I go with you to the market?Manjari na in manga tau bihaun magbissara pasal sin ngi' sin parinta.People are now allowed to talk about the ills of the government.panjarider.v1To create, to cause to come into existence.2To make use of (something).Bang mu jarihun in utak yan dāha.If you will make use of that bolo, take it.Di' na jarihun sin iskul in manga būk ini.The school will no longer use these books.
jasadnThe body.In nyawa masalay na dayn ha jasad bang in manusiya' matay na.When a human being dies the soul will then separate from the body.ptanggawta'ginhawa baran
jāt1nAll the physical and mental qualities that make up a person, personality, being.Di' ta hikatugila' in jāt sin Tuhan.We can hardly describe God's personality.Bukun na kaw jāt tau.You don't have the physical qualities of a person (i.e., don't look like a person).ptdagbus over-synlupa1 kajariyan2nManner of actions or speech, actions (used in anger).Bukun na kaw ini jāt tau.Your actions are not human (i.e., you're like an animal).
jata1nPlainness or openness to the sight.Landu' in jata sin dāira sin Tiyanggi Sūg ha taas būd Tumantangis.The town of Jolo is very plain to the sight from the top of mount Tumantangis.2nPlainness or clearness to the understanding.