Tausug - English


jakkumnThe legendary name of the fruit eaten by Eve.Hi Apu' Hawa in kimaun sin jakkum.Eve was the one who ate the fruit.bunga jakkum2comp.Adam's apple.
Jipun.nJapanese.Bakas nākari in manga Jipun pa Lupa' Sūg.The Japanese came to Jolo in the past.Hula' Jipuncomp.Japan.
nAn indigenous confection made from pounded rice.Fried in coconut oil. The dough is mixed with boiled water and sugar and put in a coconut shell with a small hole through which the dough drops little by little into the frying pan. Different designs are made.Masarap iban malapuk in bang pagkaunun. is crispy and delicious when eaten.vag mag-; pat -un;; pag--an.To make this kind of confection.7
jabjabvAR ag mag-; ran -an.To shake out (something in order to remove something from it).Jabjabi in uha' dayn ha hanig lamisahan.Shake off the crumbs from the table cloth.Jabjabi in hilam dayn ha kulambu' ampa mu hisangun.Shake off the mosquitoes from the mosquito net before putting it up.
jablutnA fringe, ravel (as of cord, thread, knitted or woven fabric); a loose end of thread (as in sewing or weaving).Utunga in jablut ha badju' mu.Pull the loose thread on your dress.adjjablutan /majablutFringy, unraveled.Majablut in higad sin kakana' ini.The edge of this cloth is already unravelled.ptjambu vpat mag-.Does not occur with pa2.(For the ends of thread) to become unraveled, for pieces to split away (from a piece of wood).Magjablut in kahuy bang di' kataman.Pieces split away from wood if it's not planed.
JaburnThe holy book (believed to have been) revealed (by God) to the prophet David; used by Christians to refer to the book of Psalms from the Old Testament.In Kitab Jabur suku' hi Nabi Daud.The book of Psalms is the portion of prophet David.ptKitab Injil KuraanKitab Tawrat
jaganA guard, watchman; mourner (esp. one who takes a nightlong vigil), one who watches.adjmajagaWatchful, vigilant, alert.Subay majaga in sundalu.A soldier must be vigilant.vag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To watch, be on watch, beware, be on guard, guard and protect (something); spy on (someone).Jaga kaw bang yan in asawa niya.Watch when his wife comes.Biya' aku in jiyajagahan sin tau yaun.That man seems to be spying on me.vran pagjagahanTo keep working (on something) overtime or into the night without sleep, have a nightlong vigil.Pagjagahan ku in <term paper> ku dūm ini.I'll work overtime on my term paper tonight.pttunggu'
jagjagadjTopsy-turvy, messy, disheveled, tousled (as of hair).Jagjag in buhuk niya piyaiskul.She went to school with tousled hair.vtCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To disarrange, turn topsy-turvy, throw into a mess, dishevel or tousle (something).Ayaw jagjaga in manga būk.Don't disarrange the books.vipat ma-.To become disarranged.Ayaw hibali in manga kātas yan bat di' majagjag.Don't touch those papers so they won't become disarranged.
jahannam1nA division in hell in which the most severe punishment is given.Asal mahulug pa narka' jahannam in kātan bukun suku' sin Allah.Naturally, all the people who are not Jehovah's portion will fall into the worst division of hell.ptnarka'2 2nAn evil-minded person.over-synisinarka'
jahatnkajahatanTrouble.Ayaw na kaw madtu bat kaw di' makabāk kajahatan mu.Don't go anymore so you wouldn't be in trouble.
jāhiladjIncorrigible, licentious, flirtatious.Di' ku paasawahun in anak ku sin babai jāhil.I'll not allow my son to marry a flirtatious woman.
jahulaka'2unspec. var.daruhaka'2jilaka'1adjCruel, unkind, pitiless, malicious.Jahulaka' tuud in asawa sin ama' niya.His stepmother is so unkind.vag mang-, mag-; pat -un.To hurt, annoy, harm, wrong, molest, maltreat, malign (someone).Ayaw kaw mangjahulaka' ha pagkahi mu.Don't wrong your fellowmen.nkajahulakaanUnkindness, cruelty, malice.Kimaruk in kajahulakaan sin kabataan bihaun.The cruelty of young people these days is increasing.
jaidvag mag-.To surrender.Nagjaid na in manga mundu ha sundalu.The bandits surrendered to the soldiers.Subay pajairun in manga mundu bat dumayaw.We have to let the bandits surrender so they will become good.ptlilla' surindil
jakatnA tithe, religious tax (in Islam, 2 1/2% of one's wealth in money and kind).vag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To pay a tithe.Subay mu jakatan in alta' mu.You have to pay a tithe of your wealth.ptpitla'
jakkumnThe legendary name of the fruit eaten by Eve.Hi Apu' Hawa in kimaun sin jakkum.Eve was the one who ate the fruit.bunga jakkum2comp.Adam's apple.
jala-jala1n(A decorative woodwork or iron) grillwork (used above partitions).Subay hinangan in bilik jala-jala bat awn hangin sumūd.The room must have a grille to have enough ventilation.2nA veranda.Ha jala-jala kita maghali-hali sabab mahayang.Let's rest on the veranda, it's refreshing (lit. spacious).ptpantān
jali'adjStriped, streaked (as of fabric or garment).Jali' in badju' siyusulug niya.He's wearing a striped shirt.
jām1nHour.Pilangka-jām magjīp pa Parang?How many hours will it take to go to Parang by jeep?njāmanThe hour hand of a clock.Bang in jāman harap pa tū ampa in minitan harap pa hangpu' tagduwa hati niya lisag tū na.When the hour hand faces towards three and the minute hand faces twelve then that means that it's three o'clock.ptwaktu2nA watch, clock.
jama'-jama'vag mang-, -um-; pat/goal -un.To speak angrily (at people who are innocent or not involved in a quarrel).Ayaw kaw mangjama'-jama' ha tau way lamud.Don't speak angrily to people who aren't involved.
jamaanA member of a religious congregation (refers to people who belong to one mosque with one head imam).Mataud in jamaa sin masjid ha Tulay.There are many members of the Tulay Mosque.
jamannTime, period, era, epoch, age.Piyag'anak in apu' niya jaman Kastila' pa.His grandfather was born during the Spanish era.ptwaktutimpu synmasa
*jambanvag mang-, mag-; ran -an.To defecate, relieve oneself.Duun kaw mangjamban ha pagjajambanan.You defecate there in the toilet.Euph.npagjajambananToilet, water closet, comfort room, place where one relieves oneself.over-syn*intaw'
jambangannA flower garden, potted flowers, plants.Parayawa in kaipat mu sin manga jambangan.Take good care of the flower garden.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To have a flower garden, or potted flowers.Lanui in lupa'. Duun kita magjambangan.Smooth the ground. That's where we'll have the flower garden.ptsumping
jambatannDock, wharf, pier.Mataud kappal ha jambatan.There are many boats at the wharf.pt*dunggu'
jambu1nArms, tentacles of cuttlefish or squid (note: arms of octopus are called gulamay not jambu).Ayaw lamuran in jambu sin kanuus bang kaw maglutu'.Don't mix in the tentacles of the squid when you cook.ptgulamay2nA fringe, tassel.vag mag-; ran -an.To make a fringe or tassels (on something).adjjambuhanHaving a fringe or tassels.Jiyajambuhan in saruk niya.His hat has tassels.ptjablut