Tausug - English


guyud1vag mag-, mang-, -um-; pat -un.To drag, pull (something).Guyura in bangku' pa dugu yadtu.Drag the chair to that corner.over-syn*utung2vAQ ag/goal mang-; pat -un.To abduct (someone, often a girl in order to marry her).Guyurun ta in tunang ku.We'll abduct my girlfriend.pt*kidnap
gunanUsefulness, utility, worth, value, service, use, applicability.Bugitan na in manga kakatasan bang way na guna.Throw away the papers if they have no value.vag mag-; pat -un, ka--an.To use, utilize, value (something), acknowledge the worth, service, or applicability (of something).Gunahun ta in manga dagmay dīhil kātu' sin manga tau.We will use the old clothes given to us by the people.Kagunahan namu' madtu pa Sūg sabab awn pag'isun sin kami katan magkampung.We need to go to Jolo because there will be a meeting of all us relatives.nkagunahanWhat is needed, state of need.Unu in kagunahan mu kāku'?What do you need me for?over-synlagi kagunahan2der.vTo need, have a need of.
giling1vCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un.To crank (something), keep (something) revolving or turning.Hisiyu in maggiling sin makina ini?Who'll crank this machine?ngilinganA grinder.Kāa in gilingan ha sawm sin lamisahan.Get the grinder under the table.ptgulung ligut1 magiling in jantungid.1vTo lose one's mind, become crazy or insane as a result of too much grief over the loss of a loved one (lit. for one's heart to turn around and around).Nagiling in jantung sin ina' pag'ingat miyatay in anak.The mother lost her mind when she learned that her child died.2To grind (something, as coffee, corn, etc.).Gilinga in kahawa.You grind the coffee.
gawangnPitfall, hidden trap, hole (in surface of a floor, bamboo walk, etc.).Maluag in gawang ha lantay namu'.There is a big hole in our flooring.ptlungag mahulug pa gawangid.To speak evil of someone without realizing that they or their relatives are present (lit. to fall in a hole or trap).Kamaya' kaw magbissara, mahulug kaw pa gawang.Be careful in speaking, you might say something evil of someone in their presence.
gadjanElephant.4; 1suwa' gadja1comp.adjPomelo.