Tausug - English


daya'vag mag-, um-; pat hi-, -un.To lie on the back, put (something) facing upward.Daya' kaw ha kulangan.Lie on your back on the bed.Nagdaraya' na in bata'-bata'.The child is lying on his back.Subay mu hiraya' in baldi pa sugahan.You should place the pail facing upward under the heat of the sun.antdaub nTails (in flipping a coin).Unu in kaymu, daub, daya'?Which is yours, heads or tails?antdaub daub-daya'2comp.1nA small hot-cake-like confection.2vTo turn (something) or be turned upside down.
dapartAs expected, only, just.Lima pilak da in sīn ku.I have only five pesos.Marayaw da in kasuddahan niya?Is she kind (as I expect)?Bukun da ini kaymu.This is not yours anyway.
1.1vCV ag mag-; pat -un; goal -an.Generic term to carry or bring (something); (with pa2) to send (as a letter, message, etc. See parā).Tabang kaw magdā sin kalangkapan yan.Help carry that baggage.Dāhan ta kaw ista'.I'll bring you some fish.Nagparā lapal in mayul.The mayor sent words.npangdā-rāThings carried, goods.1.2vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To refer (something to someone), take (a matter to court or to someone).Bang di' masulut in parkala' mu ha mayul dāha na pa huwis.If your case can't be settled by the mayor take it to the court.2vag mag-; pat -un.To bear (responsibility, sorrow, anger, etc.)Di' na aku makarā sin kasusahan ku.I cannot bear my sorrow.3vag -um-; pat -un.Always used with a second verb, e.g., to engage someone in conversation, arrange to see someone, engage someone in quarreling, etc.To arrange (to do something with someone), engage (someone in doing something).Dāhun niya aku magbichara sa' di' aku mabaya'.He wants to engage me in conversation, but I don't like it.Subay mu dāhun mag'isun in manga iban mu pasal sin hinang niyu.You should engage your companions in a conference about your work (i.e., confer with them).Dāha magkita' in pulis pasal sin parakala mu.Arrange to see the police about your case (i.e., go see the police).4npagdāThe way one conducts (oneself or one's life, work, affairs), the way one treats (other people).Kiyaamuhan aku sin pagdā sin mayul ini sin baran niya.I am pleased with the way this mayor conducts himself.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To conduct (oneself or one's life, work, affairs); treat (other people).Mahumu bukun marayaw magdā sin kawl piil niya in kapitan yan.Often that captain does not conduct his behavior well (i.e., does not behave well).5npangdā-rāThe external genitals (of either a man or a woman).Euph.
dā-isug1vag mang-, -um-, magpang-.To display one's fearlessness, act fearless.Mangdā-isug siya kāku' sawkat taymanghud ku in iban niya nagkālu.He'll act fearless towards me just because it was my brother who was quarreling with him.
*dā'dā'vact mang-; ran kapang--an.To have one's feelings hurt, be offended.Ayaw kaw mangdā'dā'. Di' ku hikarihil in piyangayu' mu.Don't be offended. I can't give what you've asked from me.Nangdā'dā' aku sin wala' mu aku piyaingat sin pagtiyaun mu.I was really hurt, for you didn't inform me of your wedding.Unu in kiyapangdā'-dāan mu kāku'?What is the reason you're offended at me?over-syn*ambulda'
da'ganvAR ag mag-, mang-; ran -an.mag- not purposeful. mang- purposeful.To put (something heavy) on top of (something else so as to prevent its moving or being moved), press or be pressed down heavily on (something).Da'gani sin būk in kātas mu bat di' hipalid sin hangin.Put the book on top of your papers so that they won't be blown away.Īg kaw dayn duun, kara'ganan kaw sin batu dakula'.Get away from there, you'll be pressed on by that big rock (i.e., it will fall on you).over-syn*dupun
*da'sigdial 2. var.dasig1vag mag-, -um-; goal -an.To speak vociferously and shrilly, shout (at someone).Matawakkal siya duma'sig kāku'.He dares to speak vociferously to me.Hisiyu in da'sigan mu?Whom are you shouting at?Ayaw na kaw magda'sig duun.Stop your shouting there.over-syn*pahit*galit
daakvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To ask, request, command (someone to do something [does not necessarily imply superiority]).Daak kaw ha manga bata' yan kumawa' tubig.Ask these boys to get some water.Ayaw kaw dumaak kāku' magbing.Don't command me again.Diyaak niya aku maghulug sulat.She requested me to mail (lit. to fall) a letter for her.pt*mandandaraakunA helper (esp. a domestic worker, servant, maid).Gadjihan ku in daraakun namu' kunsūm.I'll pay our maid tomorrow.paraak1der.nA word, message, information sent through someone.
daanadjOld (in the sense of worn, out-of-date, out of fashion, as of cloth, clothes, shoes, books, houses, etc.).Daan na in badju' ku.My dress is already old.antba'gu1 vCH pat -un.To cause (something) to be old or worn out (esp. by constant wearing, as clothes, shoes, etc.).Subay mu di' daanun in kapatus mu.Don't make your shoes old.vST pat ma-.To become worn out, old.Maraan sayan magtuy bang daran siyusulug.It will become worn out in no time at all if you wear it very often.over-synlubaw pasaw lasaw
daawanA reason, excuse (a denial aimed at an accusation against one).Unu in daawa mu pagsumariya kaymu sin pulis?What was your excuse when the police interrogated you?Ayaw kaw magdungug sin daawa patay.Don't listen to flimsy excuses.vag mag- , -um-; pat hi-, hipang-; goal -an.To present arguments, excuses, reasons in a defense.Subay kaw dumaawa sin bukun dusa mu.You should give your argument that it's not your fault.adjmaraawaCharacterized by reasons and arguments.Maraawa tuud in tau yaun.That fellow is full of reasons and arguments (in his own defense).ptpaylu galgal
*dabdabvact mag-, mang-; pat pag--un.To talk while in an unconscious state (as during a fever, sleep or serious illness), talk nonsense.In tau mangdabdab bukun ha sayu.A person talking in an unconscious state is not conscious (of what he is saying).over-syn*damat
dablu'vag mag-; pat -un.To eat greedily or voraciously (a derogatory term).Dablu' na kaw lisuan.Eat now, you lazy bones.over-syndaslukbusladsyndamba'
dabungnBamboo shoots (used as a vegetable).In dabung pagkawaun dayn ha patung.Bamboo shoots are a food taken from the bamboo.
dabusannThe light pith of certain trees, used for razor-straps.Marayaw paghukutan gunting in dabusan.The light pith of a tree is good for strapping scissors.5
dāg11vag mag-, -um-, mang-; goal -un.To climb (something, as a tree, a mountain or building, but not up the stairs to the house).Mangdāg sila lahing gana-gana.They will climb and get coconut in a little while.Dāgun ku in puntukan sin būd.I'll climb to the top of the mountain.Dāg kaw pa taas niyug.Climb up the coconut tree.npangdarāgAn expert climber.Pangdarāg san hi Ama'.Father is an expert climber.pttukadsuladgaban sakat 2npangdarāgA season of harvesting (a certain kind of fruit, coconuts) from trees.Pila pikul lahing in makawa' niyu hangka-pangdarāg?How many piculs of coconut can you get at one harvesting?
dāg2nA banana leaf (always with sayng).Kiyabuli nila sadja in kaunun ha dāg sayng.They just wrapped the cooked rice in banana leaves.
dāganMaiden girl, adolescent girl in puberty stage (may also be spoken of some animals).In dāga amu in babai ba'gu simangput.A maiden is a girl who has just entered puberty.over-synbudjang
dagahitnA sedge, with sharp edges.Mataud dagahit nagtutubu' ha lanaw-lanaw.There are many sedges growing in swamps.Sclenia scrobiculata
dāgan1vTV ag mag-, -um-; goal -un.To run.Dimāgan siya kimawa' tabang.He ran to get help.Ayaw kamu magdāgan, malandug in dān.Don't run. The road is slippery.Dāgan kaw bat kaw di' abutan.You run so that you'll not be caught.adjmarāganSpeedy, fast.Marāgan in tarak pukul yan.That flatbed truck travels fast.2vact mag-, -um-.(For a mechanical or electrical device) to function, operate; (for a vehicle or boat) to be in motion; (for a liquid, electric current) to flow, circulate.Di' dumāgan in makina ini.This machine won't run.Dimāgan na in kappal pagdatung namu' pa jambatan.The ship was already moving when we reached the wharf.Hisiyu in magparāgan sin jīp?Who will drive the jeep?Pagpanaw-panaw da kaw bat dumāgan marayaw in dugu' mu.Do some walking exercise so that your blood will circulate well.3vag mag-, -um-.To run (for a political office).Dumāgan aku mayul balik iliksiyun ini.I will run for mayor next election.4vag mag-, -um-; goal -an.To run (to someone for help).Wayruun karāganan ku bang aku masigpit amura ikaw.There is nobody I can run to if I am hard up except you.5vag magpa-; pat pa--un.To manage (one's money).Maingat siya magparāgan sin pilak niya.She knows how to manage her money (by engaging in profitable investment).
dagang1vCV 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat hi-; goal -an.To sell (something).Dagang kaw madtu sin ista' ini pa tabu'.Sell this fish at the market.Hiragang ku in ista'.I will sell the fish.over-syn*litu ndaganganMerchandise, wares.Nagbaya' na in dagangan.The merchandise was sold.tau dagang1comp.1A stranger, someone who has no relatives in a place.2vA slave (archaic).3To fool, cheat, trick (someone).Maluhay hikaragang in tau way akkal.It is easy to fool a man who lacks wit.
dagatnSea, ocean, ocean water.Sawki kita dagat.Dip me some ocean water.over-synlawd1 karajumpanagat1der.vTo hunt for shellfish, edible plants or other edible animals along the shore during low tide.
dagbusnLooks, appearance, resemblance, figure (as of color, shape or form of people, clothing, buildings, etc.).Biya'diin in dagbus sin tau piyaglawag mu?What does the man that you are looking for look like?vact -um-.To resemble, be alike in appearance or figure.Dimagbus kaw ha ina' mu.You look like your mother.Paragbusun ta manuk-manuk in tanglung natu'.We will make our paper lantern look like a bird.dagbus malaikatangelic looking (good looking).dagbus saytandevilish looking (bad looking).ptlupa2
*dagdagvAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To deduct, subtract, decrease, reduce (the amount or quantity of something).Subay ta dagdagan in gadji niya.We must reduce his salary.over-synkulang2 kū' *hilangantganap
daggutadjTouching or very close to each other; concentrated at one center (as of the heat of a fire).Bukun daggut in pasu' sin kāyu.The heat of a fire isn't concentrated in one place.vact -um-.To touch or come very close (to something); be concentrated at one center.Di' aku mabaya' dumaggut in kusina mu pa bāy ku.I don't want your kitchen to touch upon my house.over-syn*dagpak