Tausug - English


batunStone, rock, pebble.Tīlu' niya aku sin batu.He hit me with a stone.vpat -un.To stone (something).Batuhun nila in bāy niyu bang kamu di' dimihil sīn.They will stone your house if you won't give them money.nkabatuhanA rocky area.Ayaw kaw magtanum ha kabatuhan.Don't plant on a rocky area.atay batucomp.adjUnforgiving.
buka'11viST pat -um-.To crack open, split open of itself (as fruit, ground, cement).Muka' in lupa' dī bang panuga.The ground here cracks open during the summer.ptlutang1vtCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un.To split (something) open (esp. fish in order to dry it), show one's cards (in gambling).Bukaun ku na in ista'.I'll split open and dry the fish.biyuka'2der.1nDried fish (prepared by splitting the fish open before drying).2vTo break a fast (esp. the fast during Ramadan), eat the sunset meal (during Ramadan).Muka' aku lisag unum.I'll break my fast at six.3adjNot fasting.Buka' aku.I'm not fasting.4nThe evening meal (during the month of Ramadan).
ba1advIndicates that the speaker is somewhat irritated; emphasizes what the speaker is saying.Hain mu ba tiyaw' in būk ku?Where |idid you keep my book?2advAdds politeness to a request.Inda', dāha ba kāku' in baldi pa baba'.Lassie, please take the bucket downstairs for me.
bā'nPork.Di' aku magkaun bā'.I don't eat pork.
ba'gu1unspec. var.bagu1adjNew, recent, fresh, young.Naglayn sila pa bāy ba'gu.They moved into a new house.vtag mag-; pat -un.To renew, revise, or change (something).Ba'guhun ta in kalangan.We will revise the song.Subay mu ba'guhun in addat tabiat mu.You have to change your attitude.antdaan
ba'lus1unspec. var.balus11adjSmelly, sour, rancid, spoiled (as of milk or cooked food).Ba'lus na in ista'.The fish is smelly.vact -um-; pat ma-.(For food to) spoil or become rancid,Ma'lus in kaunun bang labayan dūm.The rice will spoil if left overnight.2adjOld, antiquated, worn out (as of a story, manner, or fashion).Ba'lus na in suysuy yan.That's old news now.
ba'ngugadj(Of water or coconut juice) spoiled, stale.Ba'ngug na in tubig butung.The coconut juice is spoiled.over-synba'lus2kahang
ba'tal1unspec. var.batal11vtpat pa--un; ran -an.To touch (a bride's) forehead, (signifies broken virginity).In a Tausug wedding the bridegroom, after the formal ceremony, goes together with the officiating priest (imam) to the bride's room and touches the latter's forehead with his finger to symbolize that they are now man and wife.Kiyaba'talan na in pangantin babai.The bride's forehead has been touched (by the groom).2adj(Of an ablution, prayer, or fast) invalid.In sambahayang ba'tal di' taymaun sin Tuhan.An invalid prayer won't be accepted by God.vpat ma-.(For a performance of prayer, a fast, an ablution, etc.) to be or become invalid.An ablution (ayl) or a prayer (sambahayang) may be invalidated by coming in contact with something ritually unclean (haram), by touching someone of the opposite sex, even one's spouse or child, by making a mistake in performing the ablution or prayer, or by passing urine, feces, or gas. A fast may be invalidated by eating or taking medicine during the time prescribed for fasting, by vomiting, or by blood coming out in menstruation or in a cut, by wounding someone, or by sexual contact after sahul or during the day.Maba'tal in puasa mu bang kaw magsuka.Your fast will be invalid if you throw up.
baak1fr. var.bāk1vTo meet (something).
*baak2vag maka-; ran ka--an.To discover, find (something); determine, find out something).Nakabaak na kaw sin kakana' kabayaan mu?Did you find the material you want?Wala' ku kiyabaakan in bāy piyaghulaan nila.I didn't find the house where they live.Awn kangian kiyabaakan mu kaniya?Did you find any fault in him?Subay na kabaakan in kasulutan ampa kita muwi'.We shouldn't go home until a peaceful settlement is determined.ptlawag2 over-synbatuk
baanvact mag-. rdp.To be in a group, flock.Usu. spoken of fish, birds, or animals, but may also be used of people.Nagbaan-baan in mastal nagkā' gadji.The teachers flocked to get their salaries.nbaananFlock, herd, drove, crowd, school, group.In uwak kamasuhulan maglupad ha baanan.Crows usually fly in flocks.over-syn*umbanbuyan*tundan
baatnA kind of song sung in Tausug for entertainment or self-enjoyment, ballad.Deals with the themes of love, sadness, or joy and is frequently sung at weddings to the bride or groom.Mabaya' tuud aku magdungug baat.I really like to hear a ballad.specsailover-synlugu' tarasul langan kalang1
babavCV 3 ag mag-; pat -un.To carry (someone) on one's back.Babaha hi Inda' pa lupa'.You carry Inda to the ground.on your back.pt
bābārelWhile.Sigla' na kaw uwi' bābā way ulan.Go home quickly while it's not yet raining.
baba'1nThe bottom (of something), the lower part (of something); beneath or under (something).Kitaa in tawmpa' ku ha baba' sin lamisahan.Look for my shoes under the table.over-synsawmanttaas vtag mag-, mang-; ran -an.To go down, make (something) lower.Magbaba' aku dayn ha bāy bang awn hinangun ku ha baba'.I go down from the house if I have work to do downstairs.Babaan ku in lilingkuran sin basikul ini, sabab di' aku makatanam.I'll lower the seat of this bicycle because I'm not comfortable.viact -um-.(For something physical) to become lower; (for a price) to come down.adjmababa'Short, low.Mababa' pakarayaw in paglupad sin ariplanu!Good grief! the airplane is flying low.adjpatibaba'Humble, not proud or arrogant, unassuming, modest.In tau patibaba' bukun abbuhan.A person who is modest is not boastful.2vag mang-; pat -un. rdp.To disparage, degrade, belittle (something).Ayaw mu baba'-babaa in hinang sin mayul.Don't disparage the mayor's achievement.
baba' ataynHumility.adjmababa' atayHumble.Subay kitaniyu malasa ha tau mababa' atay.We should love a humble person.ptatay
bābagnSills, floor joists, any horizontal brace or support.Ayaw naa lansanga in manga bābag yan.Don't nail those joists yet.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un; goal -an.To place or arrange (something) perpendicular (to something else); place (something) crosswise.Bābagun ku in batang kahuy ha dān.I'll place the tree trunk perpendicular to (i.e., across) the road.Bābagun ta subay in kahuy yan pa hagdan.We have to put that wood perpendicular to the stairs.adjCrosseyed; crosswise.Bābag in pangatud mu.You are looking crosseyed.
bābag atayadjObstinate, contrary.In tau babag atay mahunit hinduan.An obstinate person is hard to teach.ptatay
babainA woman, female.Applies particularly to humans but is sometimes used of animals or plants.Malingkat in babai yaun.That woman is pretty.over-synumagakantusug vag mag-.To have illicit affairs with other women, be unfaithful to one's wife.Mangi' in usug magbabai bang awn asawa niya.It's wrong for a married man to have illicit affairs with other women.over-synkirida
babai mangi'nA prostitute.over-synputa Euph.
babarāpaadjVarious, miscellaneous.Ginis babarāpa na in sayul diyaragang ha tabu'.There are various kinds of vegetables sold in the market.over-synginis2
babatnBelly (derogatory term).Malaggu' in babat mu.You have a big belly.over-syntiyan
babaw1nThe upper surface (as of a table, shelves, body of water, heap of papers, or clothes).Butangan in saruk ha babaw lamisahan.Place the hat on the upper surface (i.e., top) of the table.over-syntaas puntukvAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To place (something) on top (of something else).Babawan ta sin kātas in tamungun bat di' kalummian.Let's cover the clothes with paper so they won't get dirty.antlawm 2.1nShallowness (of water).Biya' diin in babaw sin tubig?How shallow is the water?adj(Of water) shallow, not deep.2.2nSuperficiality (of knowledge, one's mind).adjmababaw(Of knowledge) superficial, shallow; (of words) everyday, usual.Bang in maghutba' ha langgal mababaw da in ingat niya pasal sin Kuraan kulang da in tau makahati.If the knowledge of the preacher in the mosque about the Koran is shallow, only a few people will understand.
babayuunspec. var.bayu1nA small pestle.
babbaladjFoolish, stupid, idiotic.In tau babbal di' kapangandulan.An idiotic person cannot be trusted.over-synasmak julupdupang