Tausug - English


andu'1intjOh! (very common expression denoting pity).Sometimes as an endearing term to express sorrow, sympathy or joy, esp. at the sight of something cute and small.Andu'! miyatay in ina' niya.Oh what a pity! His mother died.vrdp. pat mag-, mang-, magpang-.To be filled with pity.Magpangandu'-ngandu' in atay ta bang awn tau marayaw mapatay.We are filled with pity when good people die.2intjPlease (for politeness in a request).Andu', hinanga ba ini kāku'.Please do this for me.
andudukutnThe name of several plants whose fruit sticks to one's clothes.Bang kaw manaw ha gimba mahipu' in pantalun mu sin andudukut.If you go to the interior your pants will be filled with sticking plants.Desmodium spp., esp. heterocarpum, laxiflorum, umbellatum, and gangeticum5
anduhudnA rumbling, booming noise.Kiyublaan in bata' sin anduhud kanyun.The child was frightened by the rumbling of the cannon.vpat -un.To make such a sound.Sa' iyanduhud in kanyun dūm adlaw.The cannon rumbled day and night.over-syndawgdug
andukvag mag-, -um-; pat hi-, hipag-.To bow the head.Bang kaw magsulat, ayaw da kaw mag'anduk tuud.Don't bow your head too much when you write.over-syntukku' dumulanthangad
andukangnA fool, buffoon, clown.Andukang hi Abdul.Abdul is a clown.over-syndupang palla'
andul1unspec. var.pangandul1vTo trust in (something).
andum1nDark clouds.Way ulan bang way andum.There's no rain if there are no dark clouds.adjmaandumCloudy with dark clouds, (of a day or the sky) dark (because of dark clouds).Maandum adlaw yan.Today is cloudy with dark clouds.vact mag-, -um-.For the sky to be covered with dark clouds, be overcast.Bang umandum ayaw na kaw magbuwad sin diyakdakan.When the sky is overcast don't hang the washing.2vag mang-.(With bayhu') to be close to anger, to cloud.Nangandum in pamayhuan mu pagdungug mu sin bissara niya?Were you close to anger when you heard what he said?
aninHarvest.Marayaw in ani nila tahun ini.They have a good harvest this year.vCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un; ran ka--an.To harvest (grain, usu. palay).Anihun sin mundu in pāy sin tau.The people's rice will be harvested by the outlaws.ptmusim naaniAn instrument used in harvesting grain.In aani hipag'ani pāy.The harvesting instrument is used for harvesting grain.
*anibadjmaanib(Of a place) dangerous; (of people) watchful, prepared (against danger).Subay kita maanib lugay bihaun.We must be watchful these days.Maanib in labayan pa gimba.The way to the rural areas is dangerous.over-synhalli' ilag1buga'
animunCoaxing, wheedling.Nakawa' hi ama' sin animu hi Utu'.Father yielded to Junior's coaxing.vag mang-; goal -an.To coax, cajole, wheedle (someone).Animuhi in piskal bat mapuas in parakala' mu.Try to wheedle the fiscal so your case will be dismissed.
anjibinDye, coloring.In anjibi marakmul.The dye is too heavy.vCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un, -an.-un, a particular piece of clothing; -an, clothing in general.To dye (something esp. fabric).Anjibihun ku in badju' niya pula.I will dye his red shirt.over-syntina'
annyilnIndigo, bluing for wash.
*antara'unspec. var.antala'vag mag-; pat -un.To prolong the time of doing or proceeding with (something), delay, retard, detain (something).Ayaw kaw mag'antara' sin hinang mu.Don't delay your work.Subay antaraun in tau nasaggaw ini.We have to detain the person we caught.vST pat ma-.To be delayed, hindered; (for death) to be painful and lingering.Naantara' aku ha dān sabab way jīp.I was delayed because there was no jeepney.Naantara' in paghinang bāy sabab way kapanyapan.The construction of the house was delayed because of lack of tools.Naantara' in pagpanaw-panaw niya sabab sin dusa mataud.His journey (i.e. death) was painful and lingering because of (his) many sins.over-synalalalang tarasaw *tahala'
antibnA storage barn, granary.Taw'an in pāy ha antib.Store the rice in the granary.over-synkamaligsynburiga
antilnSmelly pus from the ear.adjantilanHaving pus in the ears.Antilan in bata' yaun.That child has pus in his ears.vST pat -un.To get pus in the ears.Antilun sa kaw yan bang kasūran in taynga mu tubig.You'll get pus in your ears if water gets into them.ptatuli2 atil2over-synnana'
anting-anting1nMagical knowledge and practice of charms, spells and making amulets; the spells themselves.Way siya kiyugdan sin anting-anting mu.She was not affected by your spell.Mataud anting-anting kaingatan hi Abdul, anting-anting magkalawa', kabayaan sin babai, iban di' pag'ūkun.Abdul knows many spells; a spell to make himself invisible, one so that women will like him, and one to make himself invulnerable.over-synilmu' vag mag-; ran -an.To charm or put a spell (on someone).Bang kaw di' mabaya' kāku' anting-antingan ta kaw ha supaya kaw maya'.If you don't love me, I'll put a spell on you so that you will love me.2nA charm, amulet.vag mag-.To wear a charm or amulet.Mag'anting-anting aku bang aku manaw.I'll put on my charm whenever I go for a walk.
*antungvact mag-, -um-.To float, be afloat.Umantung in bangka' duun ha daig jambatan.The vinta will float near the wharf.vact magpa-.(For a vessel) to be afloat at anchor.Nagpaantung in kappal ha tungud dagat Silangkan.The ship is floating near the coast of Silangkan.over-synlantup nantung-antungA buoy.
*antupvCH 1 ag mag-, um-, mang-; pat -un.To threaten (someone, usu. a result of an altercation).Ayaw kaw mangantup mamatay bang kaw magkālu.Don't threaten to kill if you quarrel.Iyantup ku siya bagahun.I threatened to slap him.over-syn*sanggup
*anudvact mag-, -um-; pat hi-; ran pag--an.(For a liquid) to flow; be adrift, be carried off by the current.Asal mag'anud in tubig.Water flows.Iyanud sila ha lawd tūy adlaw sabab nagkangi' in makina.They drifted on the ocean for three days because the engine was out of order.Pag'anuran sin lummi' in suba' ini.Dirt flows into this river.Nagpaanud siya.She let herself drift in the current.over-synlaran
anughara'nA gift, blessing, grace from God.Dīhilan siya anughara' sin Tuhan.He was given blessing by God.vAR ag mag-; ran/ben -an.(For God) to bless (someone).Bang man kaw anugharaan sin Tuhan!May it be that God will bless you!over-synlidjiki'2barakat
*anukvAR ag mag-; ran -an.To keep cooked rice over embers or low flame (so that it will be evenly cooked), steam (rice).Anuki na in kaunun.Steam the rice.Piyaanuk na, Ina'.It's steamed already, Mother.pttugna' speclutu'
āng-āngadjReluctant, undecided.Āng-āng siya mangayu' tabang kaymu.She's reluctant to ask help from you.vag mag-.To be hesitant, reluctant, undecided.Mayta' kaw mag'āng-āng magad kaniya?Why are you hesitant to go with him?over-synhawal-hawal alang
āngannOffshore, the edge of a reef (where the water deepens).The place in the sea that is neither too deep nor too shallow.Limabay in lansa dayn ha āngan Silangkan.The launch passed by offshore from Silangkan.
angan-angannHope, wish, desire (often used in poetic expression).Miyabut na in angan-angan sin atay ku.My heart's desire has come at last.over-synakun-akun *huwat