Tausug - English


ambalunspec. var.ambarnAmbergris.In ambal paghinangun nila ubat.They use ambergris as medicine.synkasturi'
*ambat1vaux -un, -an, pa--an.If used with no other verb, another verb is always implied in the context.(To do something) completely, thoroughly; (do something) reciprocally; each one; every time.Ambatun ta pilaun in manga kahuy ini.We'll cut down completely the trees in this area.Iyambat nila siyunug in kabāyan ha Tiyanggi.They burned completely all the houses in Jolo town.over-synubus 2vaux -un, -an, pa--an.Used only with negative di'.To be too much (to do), too many (to buy, to guard, to clean, or any verb. Connotes annoyance).Di' na maambat in taud sin hinang ku ha bay.I've got a lot of work at home and it's too much.Di' maambat hinduan in bata' ini.I've advised this child many times, (but he won't pay attention to me).
ambawnA rat, mouse.Ha pali-palihan sin manga Tausug bang awn panyap ha bāy unu-unu na kutkutun sin ambaw subay na yan sunugun.The Tausug believe that if any article at all in a house is eaten by rats it must be burned.4ambaw tikuscomp.nA mouse.
ambawnA rat, mouse.Ha pali-palihan sin manga Tausug bang awn panyap ha bāy unu-unu na kutkutun sin ambaw subay na yan sunugun.The Tausug believe that if any article at all in a house is eaten by rats it must be burned.4ambaw tikuscomp.nA mouse.
ambaya'2unspec. var.ambā'2hambā'1advAlmost, nearly, about to but prevented.Ambaya' marugtul in bata'-bata' sin jīp.The child was almost hit by the jeep.over-synapit2agun
*ambitvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To guide (someone by holding him) by the hand, arm, etc., lead (an animal by a rope), drive (fish from the open sea to the shore).Ambita in bata' bang umuntas na sin dān.Guide the child by the hand when he crosses the street.Ambitun ku in sapi' pa uma.I'll lead the cow (by a rope) to the field.Subay ambitun in baanan ista' pa hunasan.The group of fish should be driven to the shoreline.over-synkaput1 ulin
ambu'nA respectful term of address for mother, aunt or any female kin of the mother's generation when the woman is of royal or prophetic descent.Ambu' in pagtawag sin dayang-dayang ha ina' niya.A princess calls her mother ambu'.ptbabu'2 over-synina'
*ambulda'vag mag-; ran pag--an.To misunderstand (the reason behind an act so as to become offended, disgusted or to feel resentment).Subay sibu'-sibu' in pagdā ha manga tau bat sila di' mag'ambulda'.People should be treated equally so they will not misunderstand.npag'ambuldaanA misunderstanding (of someone's acts causing one to become offended or disgusted).Subay kitaniyu dī katān bang magbahagi' sin sīn bat way pag'ambuldaan.We should be gathered together when we divide the money so there will be no misunderstanding.over-synkutu'-kutu'
ambunnDivine light (that sparks upon a dying person shortly before his last breath which only he can see).Mahang in tau sūng na matay in makakita' sin ambun.Very few dying persons can see the divine light.over-synsahaya
ambungnA deep, wide-mouthed basket with a handle.Made of rattan or similar material, used esp in marketing.nover-synbakul1baka'-baka'bugsuk
ambuwinangnA queen's or princess' chief personal attendant.over-synipang-ipang
aminintjAmen (said only after a prayer).Subay kaw umiyan amin pag'ubus mu magpatiha'.You should say amen after reciting the opening chapter of the Koran.
amirulnStarch (used for stiffening clothes etc.).vag mag-, -um-; ran -an, -un.To starch (something).Amirulun ku in pantalun niya kaki.I'll starch his khaki pants.over-synluway-luway
ammalnThe performance, use, or practice of supernatural powers or religious duties.In ammal ta sāli in makatabang kātu' ha adlaw mahuli.The performance of righteous deeds will help us in the future life.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To take in (medicine or anything that serves to cure illness); memorize or meditate on (knowledge which gives supernatural power); use, apply, or practice (such knowledge over and over again until it has its desired effect) (with ibadat) perform or practice religious duties or obligations).Ammal kaw sin ubat ini makakusug baran.Take this medicine. It will make your body strong.Pag'ammal kaw sin ilmu' ini bat kaw di' ūkun sin punglu'.Memorize and meditate on this supernatural knowledge which will make you invulnerable to bullets.ptibādat
ammal ibadatnThe practice of one's religious obligations.Subay awn ammal ibadat sin tau katān karna' in yan daakan sin Tuhan.There should be a practicing of their religious obligations by all people because this is God's command.vag mag-.To practice or perform (one's) religious obligations.Subay in tau katān mag'ammal ibadat pa Tuhan.Everybody must perform his religious obligations to God.syntaat
amparelAnd then, then; but.Namaygu' siya muna ampa nanggisgis.She took a bath first and then brushed her teeth.Makajari sila magad kāku', ampa in ikaw, di'.They can come with me but you can't.ptiban
ampan2nA grasshopper.
*ampan1vag mag-; pat -un; ran -an.To block, run after (esp. in games involving running).Ampana niyu hi Amil, yatun na!Run after Amil, there he is!over-synhapa'
ampan dulunA large grasshopper, locust.In ampan dulu marayaw kaunun.Locusts are good to eat.Robinia pseudoacacia1
ampi'nA straight piece of material wrapped around the body (as an ankle length skirt).Usu. of expensive material and worn for formal occasions. Different from a tadjung in that it is not sewn into a tubular piece, but only folded.Battik in ampi' hi Annang.Annang's wrap-around skirt is a batik.over-syntadjung habul vCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un.To fold such a skirt around the waist.Ampiun ku in battik ini.I'll fold this batik around my waist for a skirt.Ampian ta kaw.I'll fold your skirt around your waist for you.over-syntapis
ampihanadjSelective, too particular, fastidious, finicky, fussy.In tau ampihan mahunit sulutun.A finicky person is hard to please.vag mag-; ran pag--an.Does not occur with pa2.To be too particular, too choosy (about food, clothes, shoes, and the like [mag-]); to reject (something [pag-...-an]).Ayaw kaw mag'ampihan bang kita labutun ha bāy sin tau.Don't be too choosy when somebody serves us food in their house.Piyag'ampihan sin katān in būk ini.This book is rejected by all.ptpī' pilihan
ampugudnA pimple.Mataud ampugud sin bayhu' niya.She has lots of pimples on her face.adjmaampugud/ampuguranHaving lots of pimples.Ampuguran in tau yaun.That fellow has lots of pimples.vST pat -un.To develop pimples.Ampugurun sa kān!You're sure to develop pimples.adjmakaampugudCausing pimples.Makaampugud in bātung.Peanuts cause pimples.
ampun2vCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To forgive, pardon, give absolution (to someone).Ampunun kaw sin Tuhan bang kaw magtawbat sin dusa mu.God will forgive you if you repent of your sin.nkaampunanForgiveness, pardon, absolution, amnesty.Nagdihil in Pirisidinti kaampunan ha manga tau mangi'.The president has offered amnesty to the rebels.over-syn*maap
Ampun1nRespectful term of address of a subject to his sultan or datu, Your Highness.Ampun, unu in tita mu ha patik?Your highness, what is your command to your subject?ptpatik