Tausug - English


Allahn(The Muslim name for) God.In Allah asal isa-isa niya, way limbang niya.God is innately one, he has no partner.synTuhan Allahu Taalacomp.Jehovah; Most High God; Almighty God.
almas1Tagalogunspec. var.armas1nWeapons (whether bladed or firearms).vag mag-.To have weapons.Subay kamu mag'almas bang pa gimba.You have to have weapons when going to the interior.Hipag'almas ku in barung hi ama'.I'll use the bolo of my father for my weapon.over-synpakukus sanjata'
AlmasinMessiah, Christ (the title given to Jesus signifying him to be the promised one from God.)nAlmasihinA Christian.
alpaTagalognAn olden-time stringed instrument, harp.Landu' maingat magpakatingug alpa hi Nabi Daud.The prophet David knew very well how to play the harp.ptgitara kulaing
alta'nPossessions, wealth (as land, money, jewelry, plantation).Naubus in alta' niya ha panayam.He lost his wealth in gambling.ptpusaka' syndaya vag mag-.To have or take such possessions.Ayaw kaw mag'alta' sin bukun kaymu.Don't take the possessions of others.adjaltaanWealthy.Minsan kaw altaan awn da kasusahan mu.Even if you're wealthy you still have troubles (in life).
alu'nDew.adjmaalu'Having lots of dew.Maalu' tuud kabii.Last night there was lots of dew.vST none mag-; ran -an (usu. ka--an)With pa2, agent can only be God.To be or become covered with dew.Kaaluan sa kaw yan magtagad kaniya.You'll get covered with dew waiting for him.Kawaa in badju' mu, kaaluan ha buwaran.Get your clothes from the clothesline, they'll be covered with dew.syndamug
*aludvag mag-, -um-.To be or become irritable and whiny.Mayta' nag'alud in anak mu?Why is your child irritable and whiny?adjmaaludIrritable and whiny.Maalud in bata' bang nasasakit.A child is irritable and whiny when he's sick.
aluhuynA groan, moan.vag mag-; ran pag--an.To moan or groan.Nag'aluhuy siya sin sakit tiyan.He groaned because of his stomach ache.Piyag'aluhuyan niya in bisa sin pali'.He groaned because of the pain of the wound.
alulnA raft.vTV ag mag-; goal -un.To ride on a raft.Mag'alul kami pa hansipak suba'.We'll ride on a raft to the other side of the river.ptsakayan bangka'1
alum1nA bruise (black and blue spot on the body).Mataud alum ha baran niya.There are lots of bruises on his body.vact mang-.To have bruises (on the body), be a blue baby.Nangangalum in bata' piyag'anak.The newborn baby is a blue baby.vran -an.To be or become bruised.Bang ta kaw kubutun, aluman kaw.If I pinch you, you will become bruised.ptlimpa'
*alum2vag mag-; pat -un.To nibble (something, as candy, etc.).Yaun in bata' nag'aalum sin kindi.The child is there nibbling candy.nalum-alumA type of candy like a lollipop.over-synlakut*dilatsupsup
alunnWaves, surf, breakers.Magpaagad kita ha alun.Let's ride the waves.adjmaalunWavy.Maalun in dagat.The ocean is wavy.Alun-alun in buhuk hi Inda'.Inda's hair is wavy.vact mag-, -um-.For (big) waves to arise, for there to be (high) waves.Bang magbugit kuting pa dagat mag'alun kunu'.They say that if we throw a cat into the sea there will be high waves.nalun panjangA tidal wave.
alung1unspec. var.harung2vTV ag mag-, -um-; goal -un.(For fish) to come (to a light).Umalung in ista' pa pukut ta.The fish will come to our net.
alup1vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.Does not focus ben.To face, appear before; be in front of, face (towards).Maisug aku umalup kaniya.I am brave enough to face him.Alup kaw pa suga!Face towards the sun!nalupanThe front (of something).Magbāk kita ha alupan sin langgal.We will meet in front of the mosque.over-syn*pandangsynharap 2nalupanA person's private parts.Euph.
aluwanA spirit (usu. of a dead person).Makaabat in aluwa sin patay.The spirit of a dead person can cause supernatural troubles.over-synnyawalihannyawa
*āmvpat -um-, mag-.(For an excited or frisky animal) to become calm, (for a wild animal) to become tame.Paāma na in manuk mu, ampa ta patakbian.Calm your rooster first before we'll engage it in a cockfight.over-synpantun antadla
amānAnger, indignation, resentment.Narā in tau yaun sin amā niya.That fellow is influenced by his anger.vran -an.To be angry with (someone).Mayta' kaw amāhan kāku' sin way aku nag'unu kaymu?Why are you angry with me when I didn't do anything wrong to you?Ayaw paamāha hi Ina' bat kita di' kalubakan.Don't provoke Mother to get angry; she might spank us.vAR ag mag-; ran ka--an, pag--an.To scold (someone) angrily.Di' mag'amā in ina' mu bang way dusa mu.Your mother won't scold you angrily if you have not done somethng wrong.Mayta' kaw pag'amāhan sin mastal bang way dusa mu?Why should the teacher scold you angrily when you are not at fault?Ikaw in kaamāhan niya bang kaw lumamud sin pagkalu nila.You'll be scolded angrily by her if you meddle with their quarrel.vrdp. ag mag-.To pretend to be angry.Nag'amā-amā sa yan bat mu siya di' maraak.She is just pretending to be angry so you won't ask her to do an errand.over-synastul agut1 dugal bunsi bungis
ama'nFather (kinship term).Hangka-ama' hi Yusup kay Sauda.Yusup and Sauda have the same father (but different mothers).synappa'ayaaba
aman1vCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To cook (something) by boiling (as cassava, potato, corn, eggs, banana usu. without peeling).Aman kaw sin manga iklug.Boil some eggs.over-synlakbu'1tugna' tula'laga'22vpat -un.To be in a tight fix, predicament, or jam.Biya' aku sin iyaaman.It's like I'm in a tight fix.
amanatnSomething told, news, word, information, message.Pasampaya in amanat ku kan Babu' Salbia.Be sure that my message reaches Aunt Salbia.synpahāti2
amaunnUncle.Kinship term for male relatives of one's mother or father of the same generation.In taymanghud sin ina' ku amuna in amaun ku.The brother of my mother is my uncle.Sampay pangtungud sin ina' ku atawa ama' ku amaun ku da isab.The cousins of my mother or father, they are also my uncles.ptbapa'
amay-amayadvBy all means, without fail.Amay-amay tuud pakaria in asawa ku.Let my wife come by all means.synibut-ibut
ambā'1fr. var.ambaya'1advAlmost, nearly, about to but prevented.
ambak11nA frog.Mahibuk in manga ambak bang dūm.The frogs are noisy at night.2vrdp. ag mag-.To jump up and down.In panayam sin manga bata' yaun, mag'ambak-ambak.Those children's play is jumping up and down.3nrdp.An accordion.Nalawa' in ambak-ambak niya.His accordion is lost.vrdp. ag mag-, -um-.To play an accordion.Di' aku maingat mag'ambak-ambak.I don't know how to play the accordion.4
ambak2vran -an.To develop gas pains.Ayaw da kaw mabasag minum tubig bat kaw di' ambakan.Don't drink too much water so that you will not get gas pains.over-synbakag1