Tausug - English


*abung1vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To head off (something, as when chasing animals), wait for (someone) along the way.Abungi in manuk bat di' makalayu'.Head off the chicken so it can't go far.Abungi sila bang lumabay.Wait for them along the way when they pass by.over-synhapa'
*abung2vST pat ma-, mag-, magpang-; ran pag--an.To feel slightly dizzy (so as to cause the sight to become obscured or blurred).Naabung aku pagkita' ku sin dugu'.I felt dizzy when I saw the blood.over-synlamun hilu
aburidu1Tagalogunspec. var.bulīru1adjMentally or emotionally upset.Aburidu in ū ku sin pasal suysuy kahalubiluhan ha Lupa' Sūg.I'm upset by the news of the confusion in Jolo.vpat ma-.To be or become upset.Maaburidu aku bang way sīn ku.I'll be upset if I don't have money.Makaaburidu kan ina' in pagpanayam hi ama'.Father's gambling causes mother to become upset.
abut1vAQ ag/goal (rare) mag-, -um-; pat -un.To reach for (something, as with the hand).Abuta ba kāku' in asin.Get (reach for) the salt for me.2vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To overtake, catch up to, be on time for (something), catch, find.Iyabutan namu' in tarak ha unahan namu'.We overtook the truck that was ahead of us.Samut kaw, abutan kita ulan.Hurry up or we'll be overtaken by the rain.Iyabutan siya sin pulis nanakaw manuk.The policeman caught him stealing chickens.Kiyaabutan siya natutūg.He was found sleeping.Wala' ku iyabutan in tagnaan sin sini.I wasn't on time to see the beginning of the movie.over-synsaggaw3vTV ag -um-; goal -un.To reach or arrive at a place, attain (to something).Way nakaabut pa Sambuwangan in lansa.The launch didn't reach Zamboanga.Ha panaw ku ini abutun ku sampay pa lawm daira.In my walk I will reach the center of town.Unu in būk naabut mu?What grade have you attained?vact -um-.To come up to, attain to, reach (a certain time, place, or amount); last a certain length (of time).Miyabut na in piyaglāng ku kaymu.Now you've come up to what I've been telling you not to do.Di' mabut mari in latap.The flood won't reach this place.Nakaabut hi Apu' sin masa Kastila'.Grandfather went as far back as the Spanish time.Abut siya pitua sin kamaasan.He has even learned the taboos of the elders (i.e. he was born long enough ago to have lived when the elders did).Di' makaabut lima mitru in kakana' ini.The cloth won't reach five meters.Di' na makaabut pa tapus bulan in bugas natu'.Our rice won't last to the end of the month.4vipat ma-.To die, pass away.Naabut na hi Bapa' Usman kahapun.Uncle Usman passed away yesterday.over-syn*lindung*wapat *maruhumEuph.5advrdp.In quick succession, often, frequently, repeatedly.Abut-abut in pagtiligrama namu' pa Sūg sa' way sambag.We sent telegrams to Jolo repeatedly but there was no answer.over-syndaran
ādnA fence, wall (generic).vag mag-; pat -un.To fence, wall (something).Subay ta ārun in uma ini.We'll have to fence this farm.Mag'ād kami sin halaman namu' adlaw ini.We will fence our yard today.Awn da kahuy niyu hipag'ād?Do you have wood for fencing?over-synsasak kural apis larang
adakala'1unspec. var.arakala'1relOtherwise, or else.Kari kaw magtuy adakala' matarasaw kaw.Come at once otherwise you will be late.over-synpagkuwan gana-gana
AdamnAdam, the first man created by God.Hi Apu' Adam kay Sitti Hawa in nanubu' kātu'niyu katān.Our ancestors, Adam and Eve, were the progenitors of us all.
adapun1unspec. var.arapun1partUsed in speaking of something which should have been done but was not.Adapun miyadtu kaw pa dugaing tinda.You should have gone to another store.Adapun namayta' kaw sin di' kaw makakari.You should have let me know that you couldn't come.
addatunspec. var.ādatnCharacter, custom, behavior; practice, manner; courtesy.Established norm of conduct, habitual or customary way of doing things.Pindaha in addat mu.Change your character (for the better).Asal amuna in addat sin Tausug mamunu' bang masipug.It is the natural behaviour of Tausugs to kill when/if they're put to shame.Makasipug in addat sin tau yan.That man's behavior is despicable.Subay agarun in addat sin pagpangasawa.We should follow the customary way of asking someone's hand in marriage.vag mag-, -um-; goal pag--an.To respect (something), act (in a particular manner).Subay tuud mag'addat ha manga tau maas.We must respect the old folks.Ayaw kaw mag'addat bihān bat kaw di' udjuun sin tau.Don't act that way so people won't ridicule you.Pag'addatan ta in sara'.We respect the law.adjmaaddatCourteous, respectful.Maaddat tuud in Milikan yaun. Nakalabay ha raig namu', namaid pa.That American is very respectful. When he passed by us, he asked permission.over-syntabiat piil palangaylaku
addat-tabiatnBehavior, conduct, manners.Parayawa in addat-tabiat mu ha manga tau bat kaw di' makabāk kalu.Improve your behavior towards people so that you won't have quarrels.In Muslim sabunnal-bunnal subay marayaw in addat-tabiat.A true Muslim should exercise good conduct.Marayaw tuud in addat-tabiat sin bata' yaun.That boy has very good manners.over-synkawl piil
addunnDough, batter (a flour or finely-pounded rice and sugar mixture, etc. with liquid).Thin enough to be poured or thick enough to be kneaded or rolled.vCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran/inst pag--an.To stir and mix a batter or a dough.Adduna in tapung.Mix and stir the pounded rice with other ingredients to make a batter.Ayaw kawaa in undam bat pag'addunan ku.Don't take the bowl because I'll use it to mix dough in.ptlamugay
ādiladjJust, upright, honest.In tau ādil mabuntul in hukuman.An upright person judges wisely.over-synbuntul nkaādilanJustice, honesty.Subay dihilan kaādilan in miskin.The poor must be given justice.viST pat -um-.To become honest or upright.Umādil in tau bang magad na ha daakan sin Tuhan.A person will become righteous if he follows the commands of God.vtag magpa-; pat -un.To make (someone) upright, be honest.Magpaādil kaw bat awn malasa kaymu.You should be honest so that someone will love you.Ādilun ta in baran ta dayn ha dusa.We have to make ourselves clean from sin.Subay paādilun sin mastal in manga anak mulid niya.The teacher should make her students upright.
adjalvCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un.To prepare (a meal), cook (food).Adjali pagkaun in manga anak mu.Prepare a meal for your children.Hisiyu in mag'adjal sin ista'?Who will cook the fish?over-synlutu' tugna'
adjimatnA kind of amulet.Consisting of a piece of paper with a phrase or verse written in Arabic script wrapped in a piece of cloth. It is assumed to have magic power to help its owner against any danger, injury or sickness and is usu. worn around the owner's waist.Di' marā mangjamban in adjimat.An amulet should not be worn while defecating.genhampanover-synhampananting-anting manik buku papakanhabay-habay
adjungnA galleon or sailing vessel (of olden times, usu. having more than one sail).In oral literature, the ship used by princesses or princes.Simakat pa adjung hi Dayang-dayang Putli'.Princess Putli' boarded the galleon.vTV ag mag-; goal -un.To sail on a galleon.Nag'adjung sadja in manga Kastila' mari pa hula natu'.The Spaniards sailed on galleons when they came to our country.over-synkumpit1kappal
adlanWariness, skittishness (of chickens and wild things).Bihayan da in adla sin manuk ku.The wariness of my chicken is like that.ant*āmadjUntamed; wary, easily put to flight.Maadla in manuk sabab magtuy lumupad bang hibuluy.The chicken is wary, because it immediately flies away when freed.ptilag1over-syntalun2 syn*ilat
adlaw1nDay.A period from sunup to sundown.Mataud in hinangun bang adlaw.There is much work to be done during the day.antdūm 2nA 24-hour period.
adlaw ahiratLife after death; the hereafter.Magkita' kita ha adlaw ahirat.We'll see each other in the hereafter.specadlaw mahuliover-synadlaw kiyamat
adlaw hambuuk1The next day, the day following (a certain day referred to in the context).Magtagna' kitaniyu sin hinang ha adlaw hambuuk.We'll start our work on the following day.over-synkunsūm2 2Another day, on some (indefinite) day.Adlaw hambuuk dumatung kita didtu.We will arrive another day.
adlaw ininToday.Refers to the part of the day which is future.Adlaw ini mataud in hinang.There is much work to do today.Adlaw ini sila dumatung.They'll arrive today.over-synadlaw yan
adlaw kapag'anaknBirthday.Kumugdan pitsa 21 in adlaw kapag'anak kaniya.Her birthday falls on the 21st.
adlaw kiyamatThe day of judgment, day of reckoning.The time when the resurrection, final judgment, and reckoning will occur.Ha adlaw kiyamat mabuhi' magbalik in manga patay.On the judgment day all the dead will come back to life.specadlaw mahuliover-synadlaw ahirat
adlaw mahuliThe end times, the hereafter.May refer to some future event or a series of events that lead toward a person's end.Ha adlaw mahuli magsusun kaw bang wayruun pagtaat mu pa Tuhan.In the hereafter you'll regret it if you didn't have any spiritual communion with God.genadlaw ahiratadlaw kiyamatover-synadlaw ahirat
adlaw yannToday.Refers often but not always to the part of the day already past.Dimatung sila adlaw yan.They arrived today.over-synadlaw ini
adlaw-adlawadvEvery day.Subay kita magkaun adlaw-adlaw.We should eat every day.