Tausug - English


ayum-ayumnAn eyelet stitch.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To sew an eyelet stitch.over-synsakal-sakal sulsi langgahitbagsa' kumpi'
*ayuputvag mag-; pat -un.To attend to, look after, take care of (something).Aku in mag'ayuput ha manga bata'.I'll take care of the children.
*ayuravag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To look after, attend to, take care of (something).Subay ina' in mag'ayura ha manga anak niya.A mother must be the one to take care of her children.Ayuraha in manga hinang mu ha lawm bāy.Attend to your household chores.over-synipat *upiksa' syn*ayuput
apinFire.ptbaga1 over-synkāyu Batu api.comp.Flint.Karita' api.comp.Railroad train.
atay1.1nLiver.Pila sīn in atay sapi' adlaw yan?How much does beef liver cost today?1.2nThe pit of the stomach, solar plexus.2nHeart (the seat of the emotions).vrdp. ag mag-, mang-; pat -un.Does not occur with pa2.To be resentful, be at odds with.Unu in makawa' mu mag'atay-atay kaniya?What can you get by being resentful against her?Ayaw dāha mag'atay-atay in maas mu.Don't be at odds with your parents.adjmaatayThoughtful of others, generous, big-hearted; easily hurt.Maatay in tau yan.That person is thoughtful of others./That person is easily hurt.npangatayanHeart (the seat of the emotions. Used interchangeably with atay).over-synjantung haatay1der.vTo take (something) to heart, consider (something) seriously.
agi1nWhat one says.Unu in agi niya kaymu?What did he say to you?over-synlaung1bayta' 2vag mag-.To tell other people what to do, boss others, exercise control over others.Mag'agi hadja in kaingatan mu.All you know how to do is boss others.Di' kaw makapag'agi kāku'.You can't boss me around.vgoal kapag--an.To be controlled, be bossed around, be told what to do.Di' kapag'agihan in bata' ini sin maas.This child can't be controlled by his parents.over-syn*mandakaagi1der.nWay, means, method.
apinFire.ptbaga1 over-synkāyu Batu api.comp.Flint.Karita' api.comp.Railroad train.
asawanA wife.over-syntāiban vAQ ag/goal mag-; pat -un.To marry (a girl), take a wife.Asawahun niya in anak sin datu'.He will marry the daughter of the royal chief.vpat pa--un.(For a boy's parents) to arrange or give permission (for their son) to marry.Paasawahun namu' na in anak mu.We'll arrange for our son to marry.ptbana *pangasawa1der.v(For a boy's family) to ask (a girl's family formally) for her hand in marriage.
anak1.1nA child, offspring (of either humans or animals, kinship term). (anak usug son, anak babai daughter)Pila in anak mu?How many children do you have?vag mag-, -um-; pat hi-, hipag-.To give birth.Mag'anak siya ha bulan hambuuk.She is scheduled to give birth next month.npag'anakanChildbirth.Miyatay siya ha pag'anakan.She died in childbirth.anak-kampung1comp.nRelatives.anak-apu'1comp.nDescendants.Wayruun burus in di' mag'anak.1say.1vThere is no secret that will not come out. (lit. There is no pregnant woman who does not give birth.)2nTo count as (one's) child, (with neg.) to disown (someone).Di' aku mag'anak kaymu bang kaw di' magkahagad kāku'.I'll not count you as my child if you don't obey me.3vInterest (on money).Pila in anak sin sīn ku bang hitaw' ku ha bangku?How much interest does my money get if I keep it in the bank?4(For money) to gain interest; (for a bank, etc.) to give interest.Mag'anak in sīn mu bang mu hitaw' ha bangku.Your money will gain interest if you keep it in the bank.Anakan sin bangku in sīn mu.The bank will give interest on your money.