Tausug - English


angay-angayadv(To do something) for the first time in a long time, (so as to cause a little surprise).Biya' angay-angay mu nakakari.It's surprising that you've come for the first time in a long time.vaux ka--an.Does not occur with pa2.(For an event) to surprise (someone) because it has not occurred for some time.Kiyaangay-angayan yan dimā nagbichara kāku'.It's surprising that (she) spoke with me for the first time in a long time.over-syniyampa agsay2
angbinSlight windblown rain (that blows into a house), light splash from a wave (that splashes onto the shore or boat).Nabasa' in badju' ku sin angbi.My dress is wet from that rain that blew in.vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To become moist by rain or waves splashing.Kiyaangbihan in badju' ku piyahayang ha tandawan.My dress hanging on the window became moist by the light, windblown rain.over-synbunuk-bunuk tampiyasulan
*angdulvag mag-; pat hi-.To put or lay (something against something solid when cutting or chopping it).Angdulan in ista' pa digpi' yaun bang kaw magsipak.Put the fish against that board when you cut it.nangdulanA chopping board.Yan in angdulan pagtuktukan mu sin sapi'.There's the chopping board where you can chop the beef.over-synsangkalan
AnggalisadjEnglish (people or language), Roman (script).Tau Anggalis.A Britisher.Siyulat niya ha hātan Anggalis.He wrote it in Roman script.vag mag-.To speak English.Ayaw na kaw mag'anggalis. Makahati da kita magsinūg.Don't speak (to me) in English. We do understand each other communicating in Tausug.
anggawta'nPhysical body, entire body (of a person).Masakit in anggawta' ku ha paghinangan dayn kamahinaatan.My whole body is sore from working ever since this morning.over-synbaran jasad
*anggilvRC act mag-.To look alike, be similar.Mag'anggil hi Anang kay Subula.Anang and Subula look alike.npag'anggilanLikeness, similarity, resemblance.over-syn*agid lupa2 sali'
anggulnGrapes, raisins.Di' magtubu' in anggul ha Sūg.Grapes don't grow on Jolo.Tubig anggul.Grape juice.5
angha'1unspec. var.hanga'1hangnga'1vTo threaten (someone with something or by an action).Ayaw mu aku anghai sin pistul yan. Di' da aku muga'.Don't threaten me with that pistol. I'm not afraid.
angka'nA carving or design (as on a sword's hilt, grave marker, or wooden furniture), mark or indication, (as a dog-ear on a book, boundary post or the like).Malingkat in angka' sin puhung kalis mu.The designs on your kris' hilt are very nice.vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To carve (something) into a figure or a form, mark or indicate (something with something else).Angkai in būk bat di' kalupahan.Mark the book so you won't forget your place.Angkaan ta in dān harap pa Tiyanggi.We will mark the road going to the town.over-synukkil
angkapnAn attic or garret, mezzanine.Tigidlum in taas angkap.The attic is dark.vag mag-; pat -un; ran -an.To keep (something) in an attic.In budjang nakauna iyaangkap.The maidens of olden times were kept in the attic.over-synpangkat
angkas1Tagalogvag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un.; ARTo give (someone) a ride behind (one, as on a horse, scooter, or bicycle).Angkasun ta kaw ha mutur ku.I'll give you a ride on my motorcycle.vag mag-, -um-, mang-; ran -an.To ride behind (someone).Nangangkas aku ha mutur piyararagan sin bagay ku.I rode behind my friend who is driving his scooter.Angkasan ku siya ha mutur niya.I'll ride behind him on his motorcycle.over-synduwa
angkas2nResidue, dregs (of brewed coffee or tea).Ayaw inuma in angkas sin kahawa.Don't drink the dregs of the coffee.
*angkatvAQ ag/goal mag-, -um-; pat -un.To raise up or lift up (something with little effort).Angkata in tilam, yan in sīn ku ha da'gan.Lift up the mattress, I have my coins under it.over-synbuhat *sintak
*angkulvCV 3 ag mag-; pat -un.To carry (something heavy, as a sack of rice, in any manner), lug (something).Ayaw na kaw mag'angkul sin mabu'gat yan.Don't carry that heavy object.Subay pag'sama-samahan angkulun in bahudji'.They should join together in carrying the anchor.over-syn
anglitnA cooking pot (esp. for rice).Māhang na in mag'usal anglit lupa' bihaun.A clay pot is seldom used now.ptsimpi'tungkangover-synbanga'
angpudvST pat ma-.To burn to ashes.Maangpud sa yan in bāy mu!Your house will burn to ashes!adjBurned to ashes.Angpud na in bāy nila.Their house is burned to ashes.over-synda'pugsunug tutung
angsa'2unspec. var.agsa'2nA goose.Maghibuk in angsa' bang makakita' tau.A goose is noisy when it sees people.1
angsu1nA smell (permeating the air, either fragrant or malodorous).In angsu sin lana mahamut landu' in kusug.The smell of the perfume is very strong.vact mag-.To give off a smell.Nag'angsu na in tiyugna' mu.The food you are cooking is giving off its smell.Lanui in kasilyas bat di' mag'angsu.Clean the toilet so it won't give off a (bad) smell.ptbahu'1 pangak 2vag magpa-; ran pa--an.To expose (someone) to the smoke (of burning incense).Magpaangsu pa aku kamanyan.I'll expose myself to the smoke of the incense.Piyaangsuhan sin mangungubat kamanyan in nasasakit.The mediciner exposed the sick person to the smoke of the incense.over-syntu'nug
*angunvag mag-; pat -un.To pamper or over-indulge (someone).Bukun marayaw in mag'angun anak.It's not good to over-indulge (our) children.over-syn*langka dakag
angutvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.Does not occur with pa2.To yearn, seek after (something); bend one's effort toward, aim at, purpose, aspire for (something).Unu in angutun mu kaku'?What are you seeking to get from me?Ayaw na kaw umangut magmayul bang way da pilak mu.Don't aspire to become mayor if you don't have any money.over-syn*huwat puhung
anyam1vCH 2 act mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran pag--an.To plait, weave without a loom, crochet (something, as thread, young coconut leaves, or rattan).Anyamun ku in baluy.I will weave the mat.ptsunsun over-synhablun 2vrdp. pat -un.To imagine, plan, make up a story.Iyaanyam-anyam mu sadja in sakit mu.You're always imagining your illness.over-syntali'
*anyayavCH 1 ag mang-; pat -un.To persecute; take or grab (something, esp. material possessions, from someone) by injustice, to usurp, extort.Dusa in manganyaya alta' sin tau.It is a sin to usurp the property of others.over-synkungkaw kugut kulli' kustaw
āp-āpnA fungus-type skin disease characterized by white blotches on the skin.vST pat -un.Does not occur with pa2.To be or become infected with white blotches.Ayaw kaw magjimpaw sin yan, āp-āpun kaw.Don't use that towel, you'll become infected with white blotches.Makaāp-āp sān in di' magbunglaw bang bakas namaygu' dagat.It causes white blotches when you don't rinse with fresh water after bathing in the sea.over-synkākas kulap
apanChaff of any grain (esp. rice).In binī nila hangpu' karut apa pāy.They bought ten sacks of rice chaff.over-synpais
apabila2fr. var.abila2relIf, when (usu. used in a warning).